Aquatics & Swimming Lessons

Enjoy beautiful pools with pristine water for relaxing, leisurely swims and swimming laps.  The Village also offers a full range of swim lessons for every age and skill level.

Swim Better

If being a better swimmer is your goal – we offer master swim instruction.  You’ll find private and group lessons for adults and children so everyone can refine their swimming strokes and breathing skills. We keep our pools at a comfortable temperature year-round so you can jump in anytime to get a great workout.

You’re in good hands with our aquatics trainers – they’re Ironman experts who have conquered their share of triathlon waters. We also offer nighttime swimming classes and youth swim teams, for children as young as 6 months.

Private Swim LessonsSwimming Underwater Scottsdale Phoenix AZ

With our many different instructors, we can teach you from toddler into adulthood. So, if you or your child is a total beginner and looking to learn how to swim, or if you are wanting to learn how to shave a couple of precious moments off of your swim times, we have the instructors for you!

We offer three levels of swim instruction for children. Level 1 classes are designed to gently acclimate the students to submerge their faces in the water and also address survival and safety issues. Level 2 classes are for students who are comfortable with their faces in the water and can kick a few feet without aide. Level 3 classes are for students who can swim unaided and are ready to learn breathing and stroke skills. All lessons are designed to maximize your child’s survival skills and learn the basic elements of all four swim strokes based upon individual skills.

Group Swim Lessons

An aquatic program where families can go to lessons together. Classes ranging from parent/tot, to Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 are all offered each month. If you are interested, sign up at the front desk and we can guide you to the appropriate level.

Adult Masters Swim Program

Led by an experienced aquatics instructor, putting you through a fun but intense workout. Come check it out!

Swim Team at Camelback, DC Ranch, Gainey and Ocotillo

Starting at 5 years old, these accomplished swimmers can swim at least 15 yards of freestyle/backstroke and have proper stroke. Overall fitness is emphasized. Contact Joe Zemaitis for more information!

Check out the Swim Neptune Website

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