• Josh Bates
    Josh Bates
  • Ryan Sawyer
    Ryan Sawyer
  • Niles Jackson
    Niles Jackson
Josh Bates

Ocotillo Village Tennis Director

  • PTR Master of Tennis – Performance 10 & Under
    11-17 Junior Development
    Adult DevelopmentSenior Development
  • Master Racquet TechnicianJosh is one of 35 pros in the world with the distinction of Master of Tennis Performance. This certification follows the developmental path from a beginning child to the professional player. Josh is also the Adidas Brand Ambassador, a PTR clinician, and a member of the Wilson Advisory Staff.

Ryan Sawyer

Head Tennis Professional

  • PTR Professional – Performance 10 & Under
    11-17 Junior Development
    Adult Development
  • Master Racquet Technician

    Ryan was born in Southern California where he was a successful junior player. He has coached all levels of play from coast to coast. Currently, Ryan is a Southwest USTA Jr. Council board member and a Central AZ board member.

Niles Jackson

Ocotillo Village Tennis Professional

• USTA Early Development Coach
• PTR certified
• Oregon High School State Champion
• USTA National Title Winner
• Mercedes Mixed Doubles Champion

Niles has 11 years coaching experience.