Swim, Bike and Run in Chandler

Whether you’re a seasoned Triathlete or are just getting comfortable in the open water, our team is  here to help you meet your goals and excel in the sport of Triathlon with Team Village Multisport.

Your Coach

TEAMVillage Head Coach: Klas Kuntze

Coach Kuntze is experienced both in competing and coaching multisports.  He is the owner of YBCC (Your Best Coaching Company) and also a USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach.  Klas is a 6-Time Ironman Triathlon Finisher, has qualified and finished the Ironman 70.3 World Championship, a World Triathlon Corporation All World Gold Triathlete and has finished more than 75 multisport races.

Coach Kuntze not only pushes for excellence within all multisports, but is a coach that is comfortable working with brand new athletes that may feel intimidated or uncomfortable learning about and competing in multisports. His experience and his ability to coach triathletes and multisport athletes at every level and his excitement to help develop the TEAMVillage Multisport program.

Coach Kuntze seeks to introduce, expand and enhance the experiences of TEAMVillage members, as well as Ocotillo Health Club Members and show them why so many people love being part of a multisport lifestyle.

Upcoming Events

Mountain to Fountain

March 6: Mountain to Fountain 15K in Fountain Hills on March 6th


Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico Triathlon in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 19th

Ironman 70.3 Oceanside Triathlon in Oceanside, California on April 1st

LifeTime Marquee Triathlon

Bike, swim and run with us on April 9th in the LifeTime Marquee Triathlon in Tempe, Arizona.

Rocky Point Triathlon

Join us in Mexico for the Rocky Point Triathlon on April 22nd.

TEAMVillage Training Session Schedule


1:            5:30-6:30p           *Swim Session #1

1:            6:30p -7:45p       Off Season Conditioning For Triathletes

8:            5:30-6:30pm       *Swim Session #2

11:          Time TBA             TEAMVillage February Training Day/Clinic

15:          5:30-6:30pm       *Swim Session #3           

15:          6:30p -7:45p       Info Seminar for TEAMVillage (Topic to be determined)

22:          5:30-6:30pm       *Swim Session #4           


1:            6:30p -7:45p       Off Season Conditioning For Triathletes

1:            5:30-6:30pm       *Swim Session #5           

8:            6:30p -7:45p       Off Season Conditioning For Triathletes

8:            5:30-6:30pm       *Swim Session #6           

10-12:     Time TBA             Matt Reed/YBCC Spring Training Camp

15:          5:30-6:30pm       *Swim Session #7           

22:          5:30-6:30pm       *Swim Session #8


*Cost for Intro to Adult/Triathlon Swim Course (8 Weeks)

$175 TEAMVillage Athlete;

$200 Village Member

$225 Non-Village Member

$30 for Drop Fee

Want to order your TEAMVillage race kit?

Team Apparel is available for purchase – email Programs Director Rodney Kinney at rkinney@dmbclubs.com to order yours.