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tired-overweight-lady-gym-cycleThis is a common statement that I always hear. People struggle with getting started in a training program and most people are intimated of the gym. The gym can be a scary place for both men and women. It is tough to get started, but it is like anything else, you must start somewhere. The main thing to remember is that your starting point is not your ending point. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Start where you are! If the gym is too much for you, start with a walking program or change a few things with your diet. Remember the hierarchy of fat loss:
    • Eating Right
    • Eating Right Again! This is how important this is.
    • Resistance Training
    • High Intensity Interval Training
    • Steady State Cardio Training
  • Hire a coach. Here are a few guidelines when hiring a coach:
    • Do they have a Degree in Exercise Physiology?
    • Do they have a Nation Certification and is it current? The certification should be more than a weekend course.
    • How many years of experience do they have?
    • What are the proven results of their clients?
    • If you cannot afford to hire a coach, get a workout buddy, and set an appointment for movement.
  • If you cannot afford to hire a coach, get a workout buddy, and set an appointment for movement.
  • Do activities that you like. Training does not have to involve weights and cardio. It can be playing basketball, hiking, running, tennis, or any other movement activity. If you have only 30 minutes, make that time count. Most of the time the best training program is a consistent training program.
  • Mindset is key! Start with setting goals and going in with the mindset that everything that you are doing with your day is taking you one step closer to your goals. Develop the mindset that you are no longer exercising but training to become who you want to become.


“Small Decisions Everyday, Makes Big Changes Happen!”

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