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Here are 5 rules to follow to turn your body into a calorie burning machine. burn_calories

  1. Get your engine running all day long! To accomplish this you need to get to a catabolic state of food break down. To reach this catabolic state, you need to make sure that you are eating breakfast and eating every 3 hours thereafter.
  2. Regulate sugar levels. If our sugar levels are constantly all over the place, we will crave bad food and make bad eating choices. Regulating levels can be done by eating good carbohydrates, proteins, and fats every 3 hours.
  3. Keep stress levels down. Stress increases the release of the hormone cortisol. The more cortisol that is in your body equals the more fat that is held on too. We need to make sure that we reduce stress levels.
  4. Focus on resistance training and interval training. It is the quickest way to lose fat with the least amount of work. You can get the best workout in a shorter amount of time and energy by using this type of training.
  5. Recover! Exercise is just a stimulate to cause a change in our body. The change happens when are recovering. It is highly important to get good quality sleep by getting 6-8 hours a night because recovery occurs the most during sleep. It will also reduce stress levels. Another key to recovery is hydration. Adequate hydration levels improve recovery time, concentration, and joint health.

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