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ZONA_3012_VillageIn the age of technology children are becoming more and more addicted to video games, handheld devices, and the internet and budget cuts in our school systems aren’t helping. Physical Education and even Recess is being removed and/or limited in schools around the Valley.

Here at the Camelback Village we are committed to keeping kids active and engaged this summer through specialized camps designed around their interests but keep it flexible enough for the needs of families. Camps are offered in the mornings and the afternoons as well as daily options to work around every schedule. Some of the activities you will see are hiking, swimming, rockclimbing, fun with nutrition, interactive blow up games, even using interactive video games like the Wii and Xbox Kinnect to keep kids interested and having fun.

Not only do we have the advantage of having access to the Best Health Club Facility in the Valley but we also have the best fitness experts, instructors and counselors in the fitness and health field. Our in house Court Café provides healthy and nutritious lunches including fresh fruit and vegetables every day. We even bring in Vendors from all over the Valley including Arizona Science Center, Carter Farms, and Alternative Bouncy Things for exciting workshops and events each week.

ZONA_30122_VillageDon’t leave your older kids at home to just sit in front of a screen all day! Keep them involved through our Jr. Counselor program for 11-15 year olds. This program is one week of training and two weeks of work experience. Training includes CPR Certification, role modeling training, leading activities, application and interview processes, and more. After the program has been completed they can apply to help for the rest of the summer free of charge!

– Marcia Leach

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