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Candace CottonSome things you never knew about Candance. Don’t forget you can bring one guest with you for FREE to any of Candance’s her classes.

1) What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Traveled to Northern India with my best girlfriend at the ripe old age of 22! What an incredible experience.

2) Do you prefer salty or sweet? Sweet and preferably homemade

3) What’s your favorite vacation spot? My homestate of California

4) Who is your favorite musical artist and do you play a lot of their music in your classes? I’m loving Justin Timberlake right now!

5) How many places have you lived in your life? 3: Pasadena, CA, Monterey, CA and Scottsdale, AZ

6) What is your favorite animal? Do you have pets at home? Horses have always been my favorite animal. We have 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 5 fish

7) What was your favorite subject in school? Economics

8) Favorite restaurant in the Valley? Ocean Club

9) Favorite movie of all time? HEAT

10) My ideal day would be hanging out with my family and friends laughing, dancing, eating and drinking VERY expensive wine.



1. I have 2 kids that keep me on my toes

2. I thrive on helping people unexpectedly

3. I love to bake

4. I competitively showed horses hunter/jumpers for my entire childhood

5. I love to fish

6. I love to play golf

7. I wish I could play piano and guitar better

8. My favorite ice cream flavor is ALL of them except Cherry Garcia

9. Working out and eating well has always been a lifestyle choice for me

10. Smoking makes me gag

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