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National Eat Your Vegetables Day

In celebration of National Eat Your Vegetables Day the Village Clubs staff want to share their favorite veggies and why they love them. What are your favorite super foods?


“My favorite vegetable is carrots because they taste good, they’re healthy for you, and are loaded with eye, skin, and hair-enriching nutrients. You can cook with them in many dishes, like carrot bran muffins, served steamed as a side with dinner or you can eat them as an appetizer with ranch.”

– Brittany Dyer – Village Clubs Lead Retail Assistant

“Grilled asparagus dipped in garlic pesto hummus.”

– Joe Melendez – Gainey Village Operations Director

“Spinach because it is a very versatile vegetable that’s really nutritious. You can put it in a sandwich, have it as the base for a salad, or even steam it as a side dish.”

– Laura Frederickson – Village Clubs Human Resource Director

“Cucumbers, Deeeelicious!”

– Shannon Proffer – DC Ranch Membership Representative

“Sweet potato fries from the Veranda Cafe, because they are tastier, don’t require as much salt and are a little better for me than regular fries.”

– Debbie Condo – Village Clubs Marketing Director

“Grilled asparagus. Good as a side to fish, burgers or chicken, great chopped up on salads and amazing pureed with garlic and plain Greek yogurt to dip MORE veggies in! Such a good summertime food!”

– Christy Birch – DC Ranch Village Youth Services Director

“Spaghetti Squash! It’s a great way to swap out noodles, and it’s so versatile.”

– Emily Kelley – Camelback Village Membership Representative

“Peppers: red, yellow, and green. Besides tasting good, I love the color it adds to my salads or any dish I drop them into.”

– Sandy Costello – Village Clubs Pro Shop Manager

“Acorn Squash, because they are beautiful to look at!”

– Brigid Hawkins – Village Clubs Human Resources Executive

“I love mushrooms. Raw or cooked, doesn’t matter. I mix them with my eggbeaters every morning!”

– Judi Buterbaugh – Camelback Village Activities Director

“Any vegetable: asaparagus, broccoli, garlic, onions, carrots, corn on cob, cauliflower, green beans, etc… tossed lightly with olive in a glass baking dish and roasted in the oven at 425 degrees and lightly salted is delicious and wonderful! They make my muscles stronger!

– Kevin Shepard – DC Ranch Village Personal Trainer

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