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Village Health Club and Spa's Hotter than Heck Hike is a fun way to get out and beat the heat this summer!

Every year, the Gainey Club’s Activities Director Shelly McGann hosts an annual Hotter than Heck hike for Village members who are in town during the month of August and wish it was November.

During last year’s hike the mercury hit a blazing hot 116 degrees. But that didn’t dissuade the merry band of 25 hikers from covering four intermediate-level miles.

“The trail we were on, at Shea and 145th Street, was all in the shade and there was a nice breeze the whole time,” Shelly says. “It was wonderful!”

After the 90-minute hike, the group met over at Blue Adobe to have some drinks, food and conversation about “not being hot” on the hike.

For more information about this year’s Hotter than Heck Hike on Friday, August 1st, email Shelly or call her at 480-624-9125.

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