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DC Ranch Village boasts a beautiful Mind Body Studio with a starlit ceiling as well as a state-of-the-art hot yoga studio for our members to practice Yoga. These calm spaces are filled with some of the most talented yogis and yoginis in the state – read more about them below!

David Tedesco
















David received his yoga teacher training in Anusara Yoga, a unique system of hatha yoga that itnegrates an alignment-based methodology with a heart-oriented, spiritually inspired philosophy. He continued his teacher training through YogaWorks and received his training as well as taught YogaWall classes. He encourages his students to be mindful of alignment principles during class, and strives to inspire conscious awareness to grace and attitude taht students can continue to practice outside of class and in their daily lives.

Besides teaching, David also enjoys working out at The Village, hiking, traveling, watchig sports and spending time with family and friends.

Julie Boyd














Julie Boyd came to the practice of yoga following her days as a competitive and nationally ranked top tennis player when she lost her vision to Stargardt’s Disease, a rare genetic loss of vision. In 1995, while attending Arizona State University, Julie began her yoga experience. She found that synchronized breathing and movements allowed the impossible to become reality. She attended her first teacher training with At One Yoga. Her classes allow students to enjoy the beauty within themselves through deep breathing and powerful flowing sequences. Her class incorporates Julie’s love of music, challenging vinyasa and pathways to deeper openings and freedom from boundaries. 

Leslie Goodwin


Leslie began practicing yoga more than 12 years ago when she began looking for something to supplement her usual workouts. She discovered that yoga was a huge benefit to her, but wanted to share it with others. Yoga also helped reduce the risk of injury, increased Leslie’s ability to maintain focus and provided techniques to remain calm when faced with stressful situations. She realized that there is a strong link between improved athletic performance and yoga, and as a result decided to make yoga-based performance improvement her focus. Leslie teaches yoga to teens and adults of all abilities and enjoys creating classes that are both empowering and educational. 


Leslie is passionate about creating a positive yoga environment for teens as they find their balance in all aspects of life. She teaches Yoga for Teens every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:30 pm at Camelback Village.

Want to learn more about the classes our amazing instructors teach? Check out our group exercise schedule on the website here

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