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Anjaneyasana B

(Crescent Warrior or Low Lunge Pose)


Shanee Wolf – Yoga Teacher at DC Ranch

This pose is a preparatory pose for Warrior One and Hanumanasana (the front to back splits pose). According to ancient Hindu poetry and tradition, Anjaneya is the mother of Hanuman. This pose is commonly practiced in numerous variations, including one where the back knee is lifted and the back toes are tucked. This is a wonderful pose that opens the chest and shoulders, in addtion to the fronts of the legs.

Anjaneyasana benefits:

  • Stretches the hip flexors – namely the iliopsoasrectus femoris and sartorius.
  • Releases tension in the rear of the hips (glutes, piriformis) which may relieve sciatica.
  • It is great for establishing balance
  • Strengthens supporting muscles for the knees.
  • Builds mental focus.

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