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 Adho Mukha Vrksasana

(Handstand/Downward Facing Tree pose)

  Yoga Pose of the Day: Adho Mukha Vrksasana

Amanda Ware
Yoga Teacher, Fitness Instructor, Front Desk Manager – DC Ranch and Camelback Clubs

Amanda has recently earned her Yoga Teacher certification and has joined the incredible Yoga Program at the Village Clubs! In this photo – snapped outside the DC Ranch Village, and in front of the DC Ranch Village Hot Yoga Studio – Amanda is demonstrating a beautiful and challenging variation on a handstand, also known as “Downward Facing Tree Pose” when translated from Sanskrit.

She has one leg “lifted” or pulled in, to a more traditional standing tree position. Handstanding is fun, but can be very scary when first practiced. With commitment, regular practice, and great instruction from our Village yoga teaching staff – it is absolutely possible to learn to do a handstand. It is a very common goal among yoga students. We offer fun advanced classes, workshops and tons of opportunities for our members to learn more advanced poses like this gorgeous handstand.

As you can imagine, this pose requires lots of core strength, great body awareness, open shoulders, and a positive attitude! Join Amanda upside down soon – check out our group exercise schedule for a list of classes here

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