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Vakra Hanumanasana

(Crooked Monkey Pose variation)

Yoga Pose of the Day: Vakra Hanumanasana

Tawny Calvet – Yoga Teacher Gainey and DC Ranch Village Clubs

Tawny is demonstrating a beautiful variation of a pose known as Crooked Monkey pose – in Sanskrit the word Vakra means crooked, and Hanumanasana is the pose named for the mystical monkey god pose. Hanuman stands for the ability to fly – reminding us that we are free.  Yoga gives the student freedom to enjoy a myriad of variations on each pose – and this is a perfect example. The pose requires the body to be open in the hips, shoulders and heart areas – and is a favorite among yoga students.

Want to practice with Tawny at The Village? Check out our group exercise schedule here.


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