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If you were one of the first people that jumped on the Pilates bandwagon (and then fell off), now is the time to get back on track.

Pilates integration in most mainstream gyms has created an opportunity for expansion in terms of a greater, better, more challenging curriculum than the ont that was initially introduced at the end of teh 1990’s. With new schools of thoughts burgeoning everywhere, the “unearthing” of the complete work of Joseph Pilates, intrudicing every possible and imaginable version of his entire repertoire (including modifications and variations) made the movement even more accessible to everyone from elite athletes needing more of a challenge or corrective rehabilitative movement to those of us looking for a funw ay to add resistance training to our ongoing fitness routine.


Pilates can be used to complement your favorite sports activity or as a stand-alone way to maintain good health and stay in shape. Pilates can also be a valuable tool for those of us who are just trying to function gracefully and/or pain-free.

children can also reap the benefits of Pilates, as its gentle and mindful exercises are easy on their developing skeletal frames, providing a safea nd effective mind-body experience and keeping young, aspiring athletes strong and flexible, reducing the risk of potential overuse injuries commonly seen in many sports-specific activities.

Pilates can be both a humbling experience (for those of use who think Pilates is easy) or an exhilerating one (for those of us who think we cannot do it). It will make anything you do better, from yoga to any sports activity, tow alking without pain or even getting out of bed without grabbing the nightstand. Don’t wait any longer – get Pilates on your schedule!

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