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You’re serious about your health and fitness, hitting the gym with commendable regularity. Most likely, you’ve invested in one (if not more) of the plethora of wearable fitness trackers currently on the market. Designed to help you monitor your heart rate, calories burned, food intake, etc., these high-tech devices seemingly do everything but brush your teeth for you.

With so many choices, each with their own laundry list of functions, it’s hard to imagine not benefitting from their use. But, are they really helping you put in your best effort?

Zone Training vs MYZONE Training

The importance of heart rate zone training is well documented, however, until recently, wearable devices only provided a limited set of data points like heart rate, calories burned, distance and time – all excellent ways to monitor your workout. However, until now, very few have provided an adaptive method for tracking overall improvements in fitness.

Say hello to MYZONE – the next evolution of wearable devices. MYZONE is an innovative heart rate-based system that uses wireless technology to accurately monitor physical activity in real time. MYZONE tracks and measures your fitness regimen based on a much larger set of variables – including individual effort and real-time parameters, with a decidedly social twist.

A for Effort

Known as “effort-based training,” this highly personalized approach to fitness monitoring takes a holistic approach to an individual’s unique physical makeup. Using bioelectrical impedance scales (yeah, it’s really that high tech) MYZONE calculates calories burned, tracks weight, muscle mass, age, body fat and H2O percentages to provide a comprehensive set of metrics geared towards monitoring your progress.

MYZONE’s metrics are based on a user’s maximum heart rate, or beats per minute (BPM) but the difference between zone-based training and MYZONE’s effort-based training is in its ability to adapt to improving fitness levels – and to incentivize you towards loftier fitness goals.

Well Socialized

Here’s where the social aspect comes into play. Anyone wearing a MYZONE device will have their data wirelessly transmitted to the Cloud, smart devices, a MYZONE watch, or your gym’s CCTV system. When used in a group setting, the MYZONE system challenges an individual to perform at their highest level – not the person next to him or her. This means that a not-so-fit person can take on the athlete in the aerobics class and ostensibly put in a better performance based on their unique fitness level, and of course, individual effort. The most important thing to remember is that while it’s great to be able to compete with others in the club, MYZONE encourages you to be your own biggest competitor because at the end of the day, it’s about YOUR results, no one else’s.

Earn the Burn

When wearing a MYZONE chest strap (or sports bra), a user will begin earning MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) during their workouts, which are displayed on a monitor, or smart device. However, rather than simply scoring output based on a big heart rate, the MYZONE platform gathers and averages your effort over time and handicaps your levels as your fitness improves.

This data provides a fair comparison of exertion, again, based on your own individual fitness level so you can track your training output in quantifiable measurements. These zones adapt over time, in line with your improving fitness, inspiring you towards new goals and keeping you motivated – the key to any successful fitness program.

Whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, everyone can benefit from MYZONE’s advanced, effort-based technology. Ask your Village representative how to get started and receive a MYZONE chest strap for just $79.99 (regular price $149).

Now, get out there and give it your best effort.

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