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I find it amazing that people can swim, after all, we’re land-based animals with no fins or gills. Learning to swim opens a whole new world to us—a superpower, like flying. Although we can’t learn to fly like a bird (yet), with instruction we can learn to swim like a fish (or even a dolphin!).

Swimming is great exercise. It’s been called the ultimate exercise because it works the whole body. Like Pilates, it strengthens us while lengthening muscles and increasing our flexibility. Like yoga, it reduces stress and brings a sense of well-being. Like running, it makes our hearts and lungs healthier, but is far easier on our joints.

Swimming is an excellent exercise for all age groups, especially people with injuries, arthritis, or who need to lose weight. Water exercise is low-impact,gentler on our bodies, and you can’t even feel yourself sweating!


Most of us learned how to swim as kids – mainly because our parents wanted to keep us “water safe.” Perhaps you pursued swimming later to compete on the local swim teams, or at school –or just to cool down during the hot summer months.

Now, as an adult, maybe you’d like to get back in the pool, or improve your existing swimming training. It’s time for a Masters Swim Program. Don’t let the name fool you. Masters Swim is the common name given to adult fitness and competitive swimming programs across the country. You don’t have to be Michael Phelps to be a Master – you just need to be an adult who can swim a few laps without stopping.

The Village’s Masters Swim Program aims to make people fitter, faster and better swimmers. Varying levels of athletes train in our Masters’ program – from triathletes and competitive swimmers, to those who just want to improve their overall fitness.

Gone are the monotonous laps, swimming at one speed while staring at a black line. Masters Swim is a group of excited individuals learning different skills and strokes, pushing to get faster and better under the tutelage of experienced and encouraging coaches. Expert coaching and competitive camaraderie help motivate everyone in the pool.

Ask any Masters swimmer what their favorite part of the program is and you’ll likely hear how they love the social aspect – and the fantastic workout. It’s a competitive, but supportive environment, in a group with like-minded swimmers. Come get your super power on!

Find out more about aquatics at the Village here.  We look forward to seeing you at the club!

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