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With the New Year rolling in, it’s time to change up your routine (it’s so last year!) and try something new. Fitness newbies or seasoned gym-goers alike can get a challenging workout on the Kinesis wall – a four-station versatile workout system that combines strength, cardio, and functional movement for a killer full body workout.



A Kinesis machine provides a unique way to get a more functional total body workout by allowing the body to move naturally during each movement. With its 3-D design, the system is more comprehensive than traditional machines and provides resistance during muscle contraction and relaxation. The constant smooth tension creates an almost limitless range of movement possibilities that can be segmented into specific and progressive programs. Kinesis exercises can be tailored to a wide variety of ages, athletic and fitness levels, and it’s fun and challenging. Even if you’re rehabilitating from an injury, the multidimensional movements available ensure you can keep up your strength and fitness while recovering.

Additional benefits of using the Kinesis machine:

  • 3D design allows for infinite possibilities of movements
  • Great for a total body workout
  • Allows for more individualized workouts based off an individual’s height, gender and activity level
  • Offers a different type of resistance training that is less impactful on the joints
  • Forces the muscles of the core to be activated throughout each movement
  • Offers sport-specific exercises, such as golf and tennis
  • Smooth motion allows for more control of each exercise

While the Kinesis Wall and stations can be used individually, taking a class that integrates the Wall can enhance your fitness routine. Each Kinesis class is designed as a circuit with up to eight participants in each class, with four exercises on the Kinesis wall, and four exercises off of the wall. After a warmup, participants perform an exercise for a period of time (30-90 seconds) or number of reps (3 sets of 10, for example). Each class varies based on the Kinesis Wall location and the instructor. In each class you get to use the Kinesis Machines as well as resistance bands, medicine balls, free weights and more for a full body master workout.

Small class sizes, certified trainers and a unique, challenging piece of equipment make a Kinesis class at the Village unlike any other. With the best instruction and feedback available during your workout and exercises based on class participants’ abilities and fitness levels, Kinesis is sure to take your workout up a notch or get you started on the right track to a new healthier you. Trying something new can be intimidating – luckily, we have group exercise classes that will give you a great total body workout and you will learn how to use the machines. For the Kinesis Class schedule click here.

Regardless of your fitness goals for 2017, Kinesis is great addition to any exercise routine. You may even find that the Kinesis Machines are the missing piece to your routine.

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