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It’s not too late – reboot your New Year’s Resolutions now and you can still get in shape before summer.

U.S. News estimates that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by mid-February. This happens for lots of reasons, but it doesn’t mean you have to wait another year before you reach the goals you set for yourself a few short months ago.

The Village has everything you need to revive your resolutions to lose weight, get fit, and amp up your energy and productivity. Here are some tips to help you turn your resolutions into reality, once and for all:

1. Set small, specific goals you can measure.

Saying you want to lose weight or get in shape is fine, but deciding to achieve a small and specific goal creates a positive feedback loop and motivates you to keep achieving over time. Here are some examples:

  • If you want to compete in a marathon, start with a 3K or set a realistic training schedule to reach your marathon goal over the course of several months.
  • If you want to bench-press your body weight 12 times, work with a personal trainer to see what you can do now, and increase the weight in small increments over time.
  • Commit to exercising three days each week. Get your calendar out and fill it with specific dates and times, and then keep those appointments with yourself.

2. Focus on the positive.

Giving up bad habits, like soda or dessert, is more challenging than incorporating healthier habits like eating fruit for dessert or drinking water with each meal. If you’re on a diet, the last thing that motivates you is deprivation. Get creative in the kitchen and make healthy meals that taste great. Then the reality of your success will continue to motivate and re-motivate you and those healthier habits will become a way of life.

3. Reward yourself regularly.

When you set small, smart goals for yourself, you allow yourself more opportunities to congratulate yourself on your success. Celebrating the wins will help you find the drive and desire to take the next (baby) step. Treat yourself to a reward that’s still within the health and wellness wheelhouse:

  • Get a massage, facial or nail treatment
  • Buy some new workout wear or step up your skincare routine
  • Treat yourself to a healthy meal out or a subscription service

4. Find strength in numbers.

Share your goals with people who can help keep you accountable, like a personal trainer or your best friend. Post your progress on social media so those closest to you can cheer you on and keep you going when the going gets tough. If you know someone with similar goals, suggest helping each other by working out as a pair and sharing your progress. There are even apps to ‘challenge’ your friends and family; a little friendly competition is always a fun motivator.

5. Put it in writing.

You increase your chances of achieving your health and fitness goals if you write them down, read them to yourself each day. Regularly take notes about your progress, how certain workouts make you feel and what foods make you feel energized, which keeps the progress you are making top of mind.

6. Spice up your workouts.

If the thought of an hour on the elliptical machine every day doesn’t motivate you, try something different each time you exercise. Here are a few suggestions to add variety to your routine:

  • Do intervals on the Curve treadmill or Jacobs Ladder
  • Sign up for a spin class or new-to-you class
  • Swim laps in the pool
  • Learn to play racquetball or tennis
  • Go on a Club-sponsored hike

7. Face failure for what it is.

Experiencing setbacks or falling short of your goals doesn’t mean you have to give up when you can easily regroup instead. Life often gets in the way of the best intentions, so give yourself a break. If you miss a workout, schedule a makeup session. If you only have 30 minutes to hit the Club, make it the best 30 minutes you can muster. Trying your best and falling short is a lot better than not trying at all. Think progress, not perfection.

8. Get to your why.

The real key to achieving any goal worth having is to have a compelling reason for wanting it in the first place. Simply wanting to look better isn’t really a strong motivator for you to achieve your smart goals. WHY do you want to look better? Maybe you want to be more physically appealing. Okay, but WHY? Keep going deeper, asking those WHY questions to delve into the heart of the matter. If you keep the REAL reason for keeping your resolutions at the top of your mind every day, you’ll be amazed at your progress.


At the Village we’re here to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals no matter what your level is! Stop by and check out a location nearest you or contact us today.


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