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Year after year, “getting healthy” ranks among the top New Year’s resolutions. While fitness goals are the most sought after improvements people resolve for in a new year, they are oftentimes the most difficult to achieve. However, with some tips from The Village Health Clubs and Spas, you can achieve your fitness goals and maintain a healthy new lifestyle for good!

  1. Set Realistic Goals

New Year’s resolutions are popular, but less than 10 percent of people actually keep them — with up to 80 percent of resolutions falling by the wayside by February. According to an article on, most people don’t stick to their resolutions because they set overly ambitious or restrictive goals, or they quit after a minor setback. The Village suggests setting a series of mini goals on the way to the long-term goal. For example, if you haven’t exercised in a year, committing to working out for an hour every single day may prove overwhelming. Start with smaller, realistic goals and adjust them as you achieve them. It’s also a good idea to respect your workout time as you would any other meeting or doctor important. Put it on your calendar, and commit that time to yourself.

  1. Recruit a Fitness Friend

Having a buddy makes everything more fun! Signing up for a gym membership with a friend or loved one accomplishes a number of things. First, having a friend to work out with means you’ve got a built-in motivator — whether you support or challenge each other in any given moment. Having a familiar face by your side also makes you accountable and can help you overcome “gym-timidation.” Another great way to make sure you are held accountable to your workout goals is by working with a trainer. They will help you learn the ins and outs of all the machines and offerings at The Village. Our professional, experienced, and highly educated trainers are there to help you achieve your goals — regardless or how big or small. They are also versed with all the available products, services, and equipment at The Village, so they can help you not only figure out how to maneuver some of the weight machines, they can also advise you as to which machines you should be using to help you best accomplish your fitness goals. The Village even offers nutritional counseling, which combined with a regular fitness routine can supercharge your “get healthy” goals in 2018!

  1. Blast Boredom

When you go on a diet and restrict yourself to chicken and broccoli every night for dinner, you are eventually going to tire of it. This applies to exercise as well — not only that, but also doing the exact same fitness routine day in and day out may exclude other muscle groups and result in plateaus. Don’t be afraid to change up your workout routine. Try a new group fitness class and take advantage of the wide breadth of offerings here at The Village. There is truly something for every age, skill level and interest — we’re certain you’ll be able to fend off fitness boredom here with us. 

  1. Reward Yourself

Yes, committing to your goals and seeing some real results serves as its own reward, but it’s nice to treat yourself too! Make a plan to measure your progress every three to four weeks, and reward yourself accordingly! If you’ve lost a few pounds, a new outfit might be the perfect thing! If you are still in it for the long haul and need an added boost, why not gift yourself with additional personal training time?

  1. Don’t Give Up

As with any plan, achieving fitness and health goals don’t happen overnight. It’s a continual process that takes time, commitment and discipline…. And sometimes, it takes a village. With four locations around the Phoenix metro area, there is bound to be a Village Health Club and Spa near you. So give us a try today and discover how we can help you meet — and exceed — your 2018 health resolutions!

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