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For fitness fanatics, there is no shortage of workout trends to try. From HIIT to crossfit, and kickboxing to Zumba, the world of exercise is filled with endless variety! Even within specific niche workouts such as yoga, there are a variety of choices that suit all ages and fitness levels – Bikram, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga and Restorative – just to name a few. In the yoga world, one style that has gained popularity is Aerial Yoga, which offers many of the same benefits as other yoga styles… and also some additional benefits.

What exactly can one expect from an Aerial Yoga class?


At the Village Health Clubs and Spas, Aerial Yoga combines traditional yoga poses and postures incorporating a soft silk aerial hammock that is suspended from the ceiling. The hammock allows students to go deeper into aerial yoga moves. The silk hammock provides support that allows participants to perform poses that they might find difficult on the ground. For example, a downward facing dog position can become both lifting and grounding through Aerial Yoga while the pigeon pose can become a deeper, more supported stretch. The non-impact class includes techniques for learning to invert, fly and flow.


What are the benefits of Aerial Yoga?


While offering a total body workout that is designed to improve alignment, flexibility and build strength, Aerial Yoga also offers additional benefits to the mind and body foundation of traditional yoga. With the body hanging freely in Aerial Yoga, tension of the spine is eased and ligaments are lengthened. For newcomers to Aerial Yoga, new and challenging poses increase focus and awareness of surroundings. While trying to accomplish poses while being suspended Aerial Yoga students may find they need to concentrate deeper in this type of class. In addition to making the mind work a little harder during Aerial Yoga, the muscles have to work harder too. Working against gravity requires engaging the core to establish balance and stability during the session.


One of the greatest benefits of Aerial Yoga, as with every style of yoga, is stress relief. The poses and positions are designed to relieve stress, but there is also a great sense of accomplishment upon completion of an Aerial Yoga class.


For fitness gurus that have “tried it all,” Aerial Yoga offers a new and exciting way to move and challenge the mind and body in a fun atmosphere! The Village Health Clubs and Spas Aerial Yoga class schedules vary by location and classes are free with membership. Not a member? Schedule your free VIP trial membership today!

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