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The Village Spa Bar was created to meet the needs of guests and members who are looking for more result-focused treatments. These more medically advanced treatments are done using stronger pharmaceutical grade products than would be used in a basic facial. In an effort to expose our guests to these treatments, a monthly special was created. This monthly special features treatments we offer from our Spa Bar at a reduced price. Every month, the facial special begins with the guest’s choice of either a dermaplane or microdermabrasion treatment.

Starting treatments with a dermaplane or microdermabrasion service exfoliate and resurface the skin, allowing the newly exposed healthy and oxygenated cells to fully absorb the treatment that will follow. By applying these more advanced treatments on resurfaced skin, results are immediate. The products used will then be more adequately absorbed into the skin and have a much deeper, effective penetration for longer lasting results.

The Spa Bar also includes other advanced treatments including the new HydroLight 5-1 treatment. This service begins with a water microdermabrasion, followed by micro-current, radio frequency, ultrasound and cryotherapy for exfoliation, tightening, brightening, calming and protecting.  LED lights work with each phase of this treatment to enhance the results. This new treatment may also be combined with a dermaplane for even more dramatic results.

Microneedling has become an extremely popular treatment since added to the Spa Bar. A small tool is used to lightly glide over the surface of the skin using tiny little needles to gently penetrate the very top layers of the skin. By doing this, channels in the skin are created which allow for deeper penetration of active products that are used in conjunction with the needling. In addition, a signal is triggered in the skin to start generating collagen. This collagen production that begins continues for 72 hours post treatment. This is a very effective treatment and there is literally no downtime. Guests can create collagen, reduce the appearance of fine lines and infuse powerful ingredients all without having any irritation to the skin or recovery time.

The Spa Bar offers a wide variety of treatments and modalities that can be combined to meet clients’ goals. Whether interested in dermaplane, the Hydrolight 5-1, peels, oxygen infusion, microneedling or any other of the many advanced treatments offered at the Spa Bar, The Village invites members and non-members alike to please stop by and speak to an esthetician.

Want to know what else is offered at the spas? The full menu of services can be found here.


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