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Indoor cycle “bars” are popping up all over the valley, and for good reason! The benefits of this type of interval training have great results. The Village Health Clubs and Spas offer a number of opportunities for guests to try cycling. Whether on a stationary bike or in a group class like the Cycle Go Ride, a heart-pumping 50 minutes of pedaling, climbing and sprinting, check out our top five reasons why you should give indoor cycling a try!

  1. Continuous cardio is great for the physical external results, of course. But it has a great impact on your internal health, too. It can help lower your risk of coronary artery disease, lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol (which stands for low-density lipoprotein and is associated with risk of coronary disease), and lower your overall resting heart rate.
  2. People talk about a runner’s high and it turns out that cycling (indoor or out!) can also boost endorphins that make people feel happy. Beyond that, those endorphins can help reduce stress levels and enhance your immune system’s response time — ensuring if you get sick or injured, you’ll be back on the mend in no time.
  3. Muscle endurance is increased with a cycle class, because the muscle is “trained” to continually and repeatedly exert energy over the course of a given time (in our class, 50 minutes, for example). Pedaling against resistance also helps build that endurance. This is especially crucial for large muscle groups in the legs – the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles are all given a good workout in a cycle class. The upper body can’t slack off either — cycling is a whole body exercise.
  4. An indoor cycling class not only offers a challenging environment, it offers motivation via a high-energy coach and the inspo of teammates all around you cheering you on and motivating you to up your game. Some people go as far as calling their favorite indoor cycling class their church… You decide!
  5. Group fitness allows you not only to challenge yourself and be motivated by others, it’s another great way to be part of a community, which is what we build here at the Village Clubs and Spas. Whether you make a new friend in class or find a person who inspires you to keep showing up to the next class, group fitness of any type offers great benefits.

If you haven’t tried an indoor cycle class, come into the Village and give it a spin! 

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