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If you’ve ever been curious about a Kinesis workout at the Village Health Clubs and Spas, I’m here to tell you it’s worth a try! Our state of the art Kinesis Wall is a full-body machine that allows the body to move and work across three planes. This allows you to use the body in a nearly endless number of ways to ensure a different, and effective, full body workout every time.

Founded in 1983 in Cesena, Italy, Technogym arose and is now the largest fitness equipment distributor in the world. Kinesis is unique to other fitness machines because it allows free range of motion, which is what makes fitness functional. Kinesis allows each individual to perform at their own abilities, thus allowing their fitness routine to be adaptable to their needs. Each specific piece of equipment offers weight stacks that can be easily adjusted so resistance training can vary between class participants. Despite the fact that a vast majority of gym machinery is focused on a guided path, the most efficient way to exercise in my belief is using either free weights or machinery that allows free range of motion.

If we take the time to think about it, do we ever do anything during our daily life that allows us to work in a limited path? The answer should be no. I can’t remember that last time I had to move a heavy box and I had a cable guiding my body where it should be moving. I can’t stress the importance of learning proper body mechanics. Kinesis offers a 360-degree rotating pulley system that allows the body to move as it should without limiting range of motion.

Kinesis is a great way to get moving, and to start your exercise journey! Here at the Village Health Clubs and Spas we offer multiple class times at varying skills levels, so feel free to come join us. Our trained and professional fitness experts can help you get the most of out your Kinesis workout.  Experience Kinesis as our guest.  Get your complimentary Trial Membership.

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