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Do you ever wonder why you don’t follow through with your New Year’s resolution from January 1st all the way through Christmas? Things come up… you get busy or sometimes a little lazy and next thing you know, you’re so far off track that it feels too overwhelming to get back on track. If you’re like most people, you make a New Year’s resolution to focus on your health. Losing weight, getting fit, or training for a marathon, hiring a personal trainer can help keep you on track and achieve those goals.

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A trainer is there to not only help you reach your goals but also to motivate you on the days you just don’t want to work out. A trainer can push you further than you would push yourself, encourage you to challenge yourself in the gym, and serve as a helping hand when you need it.


A six-month-long study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology  found that by January 31st, approximately 1 in 3 people will have already abandoned their New Year’s resolutions and by June, less than half will still be trying to reach their goals. The accountability of a trainer helps keep people motivated to achieve their goals so they don’t become like the statistics of this study!


When setting New Year’s resolutions that revolve around weight loss and new fitness programs, it’s important to be specific and realistic about those goals. Instead of just naming “lose weight” as a resolution, perhaps write out a total weight loss goal, with mini-goals   in five or 10-pound increments. Achieving these “mini goals” can help people feel accomplished, thus more dedicated and motivated to achieve their next mini goal… and ultimately their   end goal. Discussing your goals with a trainer, and seeing the progress of those mini goals, is what is going to set you apart from those 50 percent of people that give up on their goals just six months into the year!


Along with setting specific and realistic goals, it’s ideal to focus your efforts on one big behavior change at a time. Setting too many resolutions and expecting literally a “new you,” can become too overwhelming and lead to failure or complete abandonment of the resolutions.


A trainer can help you narrow down your goals, help you decide which health and fitness resolution you should make a priority first and also help you accomplish each one — one at a time. They can also continue to help motivate you when you reach the point where you just want to give up. You may reach a plateau, fall off the nutritional wagon or skip a few workouts and feel like giving up. That’s when it’s most crucial to have a trainer there to stop you from giving up, and who can help encourage you to stick it out and keep reaching for those goals.


Tracking your progress is another helpful way to reach that goal. Tracking progress (weight loss, weight gain, strength gain, etc.) will help keep you motivated to achieve your resolutions when you want to give up most.


So this New Year, don’t go   at it alone! Come to the Village to speak   with one of our personal trainers. They will help you come up with a program tailored to your interests and goals. Contact us today!


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