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Aerial Yoga hasrecentlygained attention and popularity due toits many healing benefits for the body. The Village Health Club and Spa is thrilled to offers its members this type of class — and all the wonderful benefits that come with it!

Trying an Aerial Yoga classjust oncewill automatically lift your mood simply due to the excitement that comes when trying something unique, fun,and new! Anyone from beginners to those experienced in yoga can do Aerial Yoga. I love introducing members of the Village to this engaging and one-of-a-kind practice.

The silk hammocks are used as props during class, much like a block or strap is used in a regular yoga class, in order to stabilize the body while maintaining proper alignment. This allows the body to feel supported as you relax, therefore allowing for a deeper stretch.

When blood flow rushes to the brain, it acts as a mental “reset” button to naturally increase your focus, clarity and attention level. This helps your mood if you are feeling foggy or are experiencing a lack of concentration, and it will give you energy for your day.

The inversions, such as these pictured, help to increase the circulation of your body, therefore decreasing inflammation. In recent studies, inflammation has been closely linked to depression. Increasing circulation in this way also releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in the body, to help lift our mood.


Inverting rushes the blood to our lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing waste from our bloodstream. With this stimulation, we speed up and intensify this waste-eliminating process. This assists the body to eliminate these toxins and allows you to feel healthier and better overall.



At the end of Aerial Yoga, we take our resting pose of Savasana by lying in a cocoon — or as I call it, a “womb with a view” — swaddled very much like we were as infants and then gently rocked. This also creates weightlessness and is very soothing, giving a feeling familiar to our days in the womb.


The compression of the fabric on our skin automatically deactivates the fight-or-flight response that gets triggered during times of stress and calms our entire nervous system. When we are calm and relaxed, the body naturally produces dopamine, which is associated with feelings of love and joy, and serotonin, which helps to regulate mood, irritability, and memory.

If you are looking for a way to lift your mood, Aerial Yoga is certainly one way to do just that! We encourage you to come and try an Aerial Yoga class so you can experience first-hand the many benefits that this type of yoga has to offer.

Jeanene Farley has taught for the Village Health Club and Spa for more than 10 years. She holds a 500-hour experienced yoga teacher certification from Yoga Alliance, 50-hour Aerial Yoga certification, a 100-hour Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) certification, and plays the Symphonic Gong and Crystal Bowls in many of her classes.


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