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By now, everyone from novice exercisers to full-blown fitness fanatics has heard about Kinesis. But if you have yet to incorporate it into your workout routine, you are missing out! Kinesis can shave time off your workout while ramping up the results — what more could you ask for?



For those that don’t know, Kinesis — named so for the Greek word for ‘movement’ — is an exercise system designed around resistance cables that allow for a vast array of movement and a seemingly endless combination of exercises. The Village Health Clubs and Spas are equipped with Kinesis walls that offer members three-dimensional resistance and a full-body workout. The system works every part of the body simultaneously and burns 30 percent more calories than a regular workout. Within the Kinesis system are four modules that are designed to work specific areas of the body while still providing an overall workout.


Kinesis works on a multi-plane level and combines cardio, full-body resistance along with flexibility and balance into each session, which provides speedy results for members. With every Kinesis workout at the Village, members are under the supervision of a Village trainer who is there to offer support, motivation, and tips to get the most benefit out of every session.


Another great reason to try Kinesis is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all workout; nor is it only for advanced fitness gurus. A Kinesis workout can be customized to each individual, so beginners and advanced gym goers alike can experience the benefits and results of a Kinesis workout. It is also ideal for older adults or those that desire a low-impact workout that is still challenging enough to see changes in the body and gains in strength. Kinesis truly can be customized, as people determine the postures, weight-levels, and pace that work for them.


If you have heard of Kinesis or seen it at the Village and have been wanting to try it, what are you waiting for? It’s the perfect workout for all ages and all fitness levels — and there is zero reason to feel intimidated by a Kinesis wall. One of the Village Health Clubs’ experts is there to help beginners and those that are new to this fitness phenomenon learn how it works, and how it can best help them reach their personal fitness goals… in no time!


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