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“Intensity training” became popular in the early to mid-1980s, but prior to that personal heart monitor products hit the market in the early 1980s. Heart rate monitors were some of the first fitness wearables. Then they were primarily used by elite athletes, but these days fitness wearables are very common. If you own an Apple Watch, then you have a fitness wearable. Fitness wearables allow us to track our physical activity in many ways. The Village Health Club & Spas has invested in MYZONE for members to use wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity both inside and outside the club.

What is Heart Rate Training?

Heart Rate Training isa way to train using heart rate training zones. Heart rate training zones are calculated as percentages of a calculated maximum heart rate (MHR).  While a graded exercise test is the most accurate way to determine MHR, this test is not usually accessible to the average exerciser. As such, prediction equations have been developed to estimate MHR. MYZONE uses a formula derived by Londeree and Moeschberger (University of Missouri) to automatically establish your age predictive maximum (MAX) heart rate (HR): Max HR = 211 – (0.64 x age in years).

When you enter your age during the MYZONE belt registration process, MYZONE automatically calculates your MHR. It’s important for you to have aMHR value in the MYZONE system, as it is used to determine your heart rate zones while working out.If you are able to push your maximum HR past this limit, MYZONE will automatically adjust to this new limit. Also, if you recently had a graded exercise test where they determined your MHR, you can ask MYZONE support to set your MHR.




Importance of Heart Rate Training

“Heart rate training” refers to monitoring your heart rate during exercise activity. This is accomplished with the help of a heart rate monitor. The MYZONE MZ-3 activity belt is offered at the Village Health Club & Spas to members at a significantly reduced discount off retail price. Below are several great reasons to monitor your heart rate during your exercise activity:

Get Detailed, Real-Time Feedback During Your Exercise Activity– This enables you to train smarter, providing you with confidence that you will get the desired training effect out of each workout. Knowing your exercise intensity is essential to achieving the maximum benefit from your workout. Knowing your exercise intensity also assists you in training safely and effectively when not under the guidance of a trainer or coach.

Track Heart Rate Recovery – A heart rate monitor provides a way to measure your heart rate performance over time. The faster your heart rate recovers (measured as drop-inbeats per minute) is a way to measure heart rate recovery. This will increase over time as your fitness level improves.

Prevent Fatigue and Overtraining– Monitoring allows you to accurately track and take it easy on your recovery days. This will reduce the risk of fatigue and overtraining. By recovering properly, your body will be refreshed for your next hard session.

Get the Most from Your H.I.I.T Workouts– Heart rate monitoring is a great way to accurately track your effort during High-IntensityInterval Training (H.I.I.T.). Monitoring provides for a more consistent interval training since you are able to monitor to ensure you are hitting the same intensity level during your high periods.

Track Caloric Expenditure– The MYZONE system will keep track of your caloric expenditure during every workout.

Gamify Your Workouts– A heart rate monitor provides a way to gamify your workouts. You will see invitations to several MYZONE fitness challenges throughout the year. This is a way to tap into your competitive instincts. The more time spent exercising, and the higher the intensity of that exercise, the more MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) members earn. The higher the intensity zone, the more points earned.

The MYZONEBlogis a great resource for all MYZONE users. If you want to learn more about MYZONE and heart monitoring during training, talk to any of the Village Group Fitness and Personal Training staff, and if you’re interested in a MZ-3 belt, they are available for purchase at the front desk.


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