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MYZONE is a technology that uses the cloud to monitor one’s physical activity. The Village Health Clubs and Spas incorporates the MYZONE system for members to utilize during their workouts and outside the gym as well. But it offers more than simply tracking one’s physical activity. The MYZONE program is also a great way to interact with other workout enthusiasts and add a social element to your fitness goals.


MYZONE is an easy-to-use monitoring system that measures heart rate, calories burned and effort in real-time. With the MYZONE platform, physical activity, both inside and outside of a club, is wirelessly uploaded to a cloud account where the user, a trainer or club owner can access anywhere in the world.

Intensity matters and effort is a choice, so that’s why MYZONE measures and rewards it. MYZONE also recognizes that people tend to push themselves a little harder when someone else is watching, so they have incorporated social features to not only help exercisers work harder but also to connect with one another. A MYZONE bloggoes on to say that the social features built into the program “may be the most important aspect of the effort tracking system for faithful users.”

The MYZONE systems serves as a virtual trainer but also gives friends, family, trainers and others “the ability to follow our progress, challenge us, tease us, and encourage as they’re able to see if we’re putting in real effort or just barely breaking a sweat each time we work out,” according to the site.

In addition to the social featuresthat allow friends and family to access and follow one another’s progress through MYZONE, a new app update through the program includes the addition of Group Chat. This feature allows you to “cluster” friends, family and workout partners into specific groups (such as a Zumba group or a Yoga group) that you can connect with through messages.

Another social aspect is the in-app photo features, which allows users to attach photos to their workout posts for people you are connected with to view in addition to gains, MEP scores (which are earned by how many minutes you log during a workout) and more. You can also create some friendly competition among friends by setting up a group challenge, joining in Club challenges and even global challenges with people around the world. These challenges allow you to level up and earn badges that can be shared via social media. And, of course, don’t forget to add those all-important hashtags: #myzonemoves and #effortrewarded. MYZONE also provides workout summaries by way of an end-of-month email that highlights achievements and offers relevant content to help users prepare for the next month.

For those that need a little extra help to stay the course during their sweat session or to achieve their fitness goals, the social aspects of MYZONE can provide that next level of accountability to help them cross the finish line. For any questions about the MYZONE program, speak with a trainer or staff at your local Village Health Club.

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