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By Julie Bloom, Ocotillo Village Aesthetician

After our rooftop event for the Spa at Ocotillo Village, I was inspired to offer more knowledge on jade rolling. I had so many inquisitive guests asking, “what does jade rolling do?” Jade rolling has many benefits for skin health! Continue reading to find out just how amazing jade rollers can be for your skin and how a night under the beautiful Arizona sunset sky brings newfound friendships, gratitude, and youthful luminous skin.


The rooftop spa party started with a mindful meditation moment of gratitude with the incredible life-changing yoga instructor, Mary. Guests dined on wine and snacks including jaw-dropping cookies. They chatted amongst the lighted cactus lanterns making new friendships and telling life stories. Even a golden retriever joined us in the fun.  As the desert sunset sky slowly turned dark, we were lit with celestial stars above and twinkling patio lights. The energy between all of these people was beautiful and soaring with goodness while guests meet their wonderful spa therapists to receive treatments all throughout the night.


During the guest’s spa sessions their faces were toned, removing any residual makeup and were offered a choice of 2 serums providing a drink of water for the skin or natural botox.



Benefit 1 – Calm & Soothes

The first sensation my guests felt was a cooling sensation. This can be a little jarring at first but quickly warms up from your body temperature. Some areas on the face may feel colder and that is usually the areas of the face that have thinner skin and less fat known as adipose tissue. Because jade rollers cool and calm the skin, they are great post-treatment or when the skin is aggravated. For example, after a chemical peel or if you get sunburned or post extractions or when you have an inflamed breakout.


Benefit 2 – Releases Lymph

Jade rollers release stagnant lymph. Lymph is the fluid that flows through a very delicate system called the lymphatic system. If the lymph is not released, it can cause stagnation, or a buildup of toxins, in the skin cells. We often see this as puffiness under the eyes and dark circles. Moving this lymph through is important to release stagnation and can be helped with the small side of a jade roller which is about an inch long. The lymph is located just under the skin and is very delicate. In order to move lymph, extremely light pressure is needed.


Benefit 3 – Reduces Fine Lines

Jade rolling helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles by circulating blood flow in the face. Fresh blood circulation helps stimulate collagen production and gives the skin a healthy, luminous glow. Massaging the face with a jade roller also helps with facial muscle tone.


So, How Do You Use a Jade Roller?

Simply leave your jade roller in the refrigerator at home until ready for use.

For the eyes, I recommend starting at the inner corner of the eye and moving the lymph through to the outside of the eye and then down through the neck for release of lymphatic drainage. For the face, starting in the center of the face and gliding the roller outward helps release toxins. By gently rolling, the jade roller pushes the lymph through helping to release the stagnation of toxic buildup. For the neck, start at the jawline and move the roller in a downward motion.


If you have any questions about jade rolling, feel free to contact the Spa at Ocotillo Village. We’d also love to see you at our next rooftop spa event. Happy rolling!


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