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By Mary Simmons, Village Yoga Instructor

One of the benefits, and purposes, of a yoga and meditation practice is to find stillness in order to calm the storms of the mind so that we can hear our own unique inner voice, the divine that lives in each of us. It is the guiding principle of the yoga classes that I teach — to slow down and learn to be still. I remind my students often that what we practice on the mat helps prepare us for life off the mat.


Why Yoga, Now?


Well, guess what? Atha (which means now) is here! Now, real life has arrived… with a vengeance! And as exhorted by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 1.1, NOW, Now the practice of Yoga begins! And if not now, when?

Now, we have the opportunity to put all the hours we have spent on the yoga mat and the meditation cushion into practice. The uncomfortable breaths we have spent in chair pose and warrior I, the seemingly endless minutes endured in dragon pose, the extra long moments facing ourselves in meditation, now we understand the purpose.


Yoga & Meditation Build Resilience


Through our yoga practice, we have been training for this moment, for this very moment, now. Practicing on the mat and the cushion so that we can now be the calm, still, center in the midst of this global pandemic and its fallout. Using the techniques of our practice, we know how to settle our breath in this moment and we know how to settle our feet on the shifting ground beneath our feet.


Now we are able to breathe in deeply and exhale with a sigh and a gentle smile on our faces. We have been here before, on our mats and our cushions. We have experienced the fear, the boredom, the confusion, the frustration, the irritation, the discomfort and the uncertainty. And now, we practice Yoga! After all, if not now, when?


A routine yoga and meditation practice is a wonderful way to achieve the calm-centeredness that allows us to get through the now, and the future, and the uncertain and challenging moments. Beyond being a great exercise for the whole body, yoga and meditation and healing and powerful for the mind and soul. If you’re curious about yoga and meditation, sign up for a class at Village Health Clubs and Spas to see what it’s all about — and how a regular practice can help you achieve a calm approach to your now.

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