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By: Noelia Clark and Molly Smith

It’s practically summer, and that means it’s time to lighten up or freshen up your look — from head to toe! And the Village Health Clubs and Spas can help members achieve a new look for the season that’s on trend with some of the hottest hair color trends. Below we take a look at six hot beauty trends and how to make them work for you.

Red Hot — On the heels of National Redhead Day, why not take that look into the season by adding shades of red in a fresh way to enhance your natural beauty? There are a variety of red hues that can be added into natural red, brunette and blonde hair to create a new look for summer. Start with subtle auburns or go all in with a red-hot shade.

Super Streaks — For those that want a change for summer but aren’t ready for a drastic difference, adding subtle streaks are the perfect way to go. Face-framing streaks allow you to experiment with current trends without coloring your entire head. Consider it like dipping your toe in the water… this hair trend is perfect for those that are a little less adventurous or prefer to try a new style “on for size” before diving in head first, so to speak.

Depth and Dimension — The trends of “winterizing” your hair with richer more dimensional looks, colors and texture are trending well into spring and summer this year. So if you’re loving your current look from the winter and early spring, keep it going into late spring and summer. A light freshen up can take this look through the summer or until you’re ready for a change!

Brown Balayage — Balayage is a stylist’s technique of coloring the hair without the use of traditional foils. This hand-painting method creates a more natural blend of colors and hues, resulting in subtle sun-kissed results. For brunettes, this is a great way to add dimension and pop to their current hairstyle and bring it up to trend.

Blonde Balayage — For the blondes, this technique is still trending as it provides the same natural blending as with balayage for brunettes as well as a more seamless, smooth color transition.

Bring on the Bubbly — “Silver Champagne” is a hot new color trend for spring and summer hair. This “bubbly” look is a modern cool blonde that can be enhanced with warm accents to keep your hair right on trend all season long!

Keep in mind that from vintage blonde to bright blue — anything goes this summer. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get adventurous and try a new look! Remember that it’s just hair – so have fun with it. Your stylist at the Village Health Clubs and Spas can help advise you on which hues and trends might work best for your hair and face shape to give you a stunning summer look that is hot, hot, hot! Make an appointment with your local Village spa today!

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