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Short Hairstyles to Keep you Cool this Summer

By Rachel Miller, Hairstylist at the DC Ranch Spa

Summer is here and rising temperatures have lots of people contemplating short hairstyles.  There are endless styles out there to keep you cool so let’s break down some of the top choices. 


It’s a classic for a reason, the bob can be tailored for multiple face shapes and hair textures.  Whether it’s all one length or you want layers for volume a bob offers plenty of versatility.  

pixie haircut


If you’re really wanting a look that gets your hair up and off your face this could be the cut for you. The tapered back and sides mean less time styling since you really only have the length on top to worry about.  


Shorter in back and longer in front means you have the option to pull the front up and off your face if wanted. Add in some layers and you’ve got movement and volume as well

With all haircuts it’s important to consider multiple factors.  A lot of my clients think short hair automatically means less maintenance and that’s not always the case.  Sure, it usually means less time styling, but it also means more frequent haircuts to maintain the shape and style of the haircut.  Face shape and natural texture are 2 other key factors to getting a short haircut that leaves you feeling great.  My best advice is to work with your stylist and come with lots of ideas but also be open to theirs.  Be honest about how long you’re willing to spend styling, if you want to be able to pull it up, if you want to dip your toes into a shorter style or if you want to take a leap off the high dive board and go for a big chop.  At the end of the day your stylist wants to leave you feeling your best.


Ultimately short hairstyles are a fun way to keep cool in the summer months.  So, take that leap and try something new.  

Rachel Miller 



Rachel is an Arizona native and began styling hair after graduating college. Rachel prides herself as being an excellent listener and enjoys making connections with all her clients. When not at work she can be found at home enjoying the time with her two sons and husband, both of which keep her very busy. One of the most common things happening at her house are impromptu singing/dance parties with her precocious toddler.  Rachel also enjoys hiking, baking, and reading in the small moments she finds during limited downtime.

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