15 Exercises for Balanced Athletic Training

Flexibility, balance, and stability are as crucial as weightlifting. Ensure you’re getting balanced athletic training with these exercises.

Healthy Nutrition Habits for the New Year

Extreme diets often end in failure due to their restrictiveness.  Creating a positive spin on your resolutions will help them stick this year!

5 Corrective Exercises for Combatting Future Movement Impairments

Want to get in shape to efficiently perform daily activities? Corrective exercises will help you complete everyday movements with ease.

Healthy Holiday Appetizers

If you’re hosting a holiday bash or in need of something special to bring to a festive gathering, check out five healthy holiday appetizers.

Welcoming Vegetarian and Vegan Guests to Your Thanksgiving Table

Looking for a yummy Thanksgiving menu for vegetarian and vegan friends? Our Village dietitian has tips to keep everyone happy on Turkey Day.

Nutritious Fuel for Hiking

Before heading out on a hike, it’s important to plan ahead how to nutritiously fuel your body. We have helpful nutrition tips to keep in mind.

How Often should you Dermaplane?

Dermaplane is the safest way to professionally exfoliate your skin. With regular dermaplaning, you can ensure a glowing complexion.

Group Fitness and Endorphins: Three Perspectives​

Endorphins are the “feel good” chemicals that improve your well-being. You can increase endorphins by exercising in a group fitness class.

Fun Workout Ideas for the Whole Family

A family is working out together at the gym. They are doing sit-ups on an exercise mat.

Modern day life makes it hard to stay moving. A family workout can help everyone stay active and increase your quality time together!

Balanced Snacks that Satisfy

When you need fuel between meals, what are the best things to reach for? Village dietitian, Jamie Miller, helps us choose balanced snacks.