Start Working Out Again with a Fitness Reboot

By Molly Cerreta Smith

For many people, coronavirus gym closures and quarantine requirements threw regular workout routines right out the window. But now that gyms (including the Village!) are reopening, it’s time to get back on track! While getting back into a workout routine may seem a little daunting after several months off, we’re here to offer some tips to help you start working out again!


Step, Don’t Jump, In — It may have been months since you’ve seen the inside of a gym, so don’t expect to jump right into your pre-quarantine exercise routine. After a long break from a regular workout routine, your body is likely in a different place. Start slow as you get back into your groove and build up to where you were — and beyond — little by little.


Make a Commitment — When it’s time to reboot your fitness, it helps to set a goal and commit to it. Whether you want to get back to the gym three days a week or you want to lose that “quarantine 15,” you have to make a commitment — and stick to it. Defining your goals can help make committing to them a bit easier, too.


Do What You Love — You’re more likely to get back into the gym if you’re looking forward to it rather than dreading it. So when it comes to what type of workouts you commit to, don’t force yourself to do something you’re just not into. If running on the treadmill sounds like a drag, consider a Zumba or Pilates class instead. For those that love the outdoors, hit the tennis courts; and those that like one-on-one instruction could schedule a session with a personal trainer.


Be Accountable — Many people will be accountable to someone (or something) else. Accountability tips include; treat your time at the gym like any other appointment or meeting you would have with a doctor or a colleague, get a wearable and set a goal,  sign up for a class or a personal training session, or plan to meet a friend for a joint workout.


Get Some Motivational Mojo — Give yourself a little incentive to reach your finish line… In other words — treat yourself! Set mini-goals for yourself as you commit to your fitness reboot and reward yourself as you achieve them! One important component of this tip is to reward yourself with something other than food. While the occasional splurge isn’t going to totally derail your fitness reboot, it’s better to simply enjoy a sweet treat every once in a while than to associate it as a “reward.” Instead, get a manicure or a massage, or indulge in any other non-food related reward like new workout clothes or high-end earbuds.


Identify Your Challenges — When planning your fitness reboot, set yourself up for success by working with your patterns, not against them. For example, if you’re a night owl that loves to sleep in and press snooze until you absolutely have to get up, don’t plan to wake up at 4:00 a.m. to hit the gym. Instead, plan for an after-work or after dinner workout. That said, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone in the name of overcoming your challenges. For those that typically shy away from social gatherings might enjoy a group fitness class more than they could have ever imagined! The point is you never know until you try.


Don’t Give Up — Getting back into a regular workout routine can be tough. There might be days when you’re sore or tired or simply just don’t feel like working out. It’s okay to give yourself a pass once in a while. But don’t give up entirely! Remind yourself why you wanted to commit to a fitness reboot in the first place. Whether it’s to lose weight, to feel and look better, or to get healthier, it’s not going to happen overnight. But it will happen with consistent efforts and by not giving up!


The Village Clubs & Spas are thrilled to welcome back its members. For those that need a little extra help with their fitness reboot, schedule a session with a personal trainer or ask a staff member for some additional tips the next time you come in.






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