5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout When You’re Just Not Feelin’ It 

By Molly Cerreta Smith

We all know how great we feel after a workout, but sometimes getting ourselves to the gym to actually do a workout can be the toughest part! There are days when your schedule is going to seem too tight to squeeze in a sweat session and days when you’d just rather hit the snooze button. On days like this, you’ve got to self-motivate… and we’ve got some easy ways to get your fitness motivation mojo back.


  1. Create a Goal — Working toward a goal can be very motivating. So before you even start a new workout routine, clearly define your goal and plan out how you’re going to achieve it. Write your goals down, post in on your bathroom mirror or the refrigerator door. Seeing little reminders of your goal throughout your day can help move your fitness motivation needle.


  1. Pencil it in and be Accountable — Just as with any other appointment, scheduling your workouts into your week will help you prioritize them. This actually encourages working out to become a habit, and eventually an automatic part of your routine, which helps eliminate the need to motivate yourself in the long run. Some people are more motivated to hit the gym when they know they are accountable to something or someone. Sign up for a class, make an appointment with one of the Village’s personal trainers, enlist a workout buddy, or try a weight loss and workout challenge to stay accountable and keep yourself motivated!


  1. Mix it Up — Workout boredom can disguise itself as a lack of motivation. Maybe you do the same routine or class every time you hit the gym, which can become redundant. Next time you don’t feel like working out, ask yourself if you don’t want to work out or you don’t want to lift weights – again. Instead of doing the same old thing, hit some balls on the tennis court, take a group fitness class, or take a bike ride or a hike. Music tends to create the mood; so when you really need to motivate yourself, the perfect playlist can help. Find some upbeat songs, turn up the volume, and groove your way through your workout!


  1. Remember the Why — You may not naturally love sweating through a strength training session, but you love the results, right? When you really don’t feel like hitting the gym, it’s important to remember why you work out in the first place — to be more healthy, to feel better, to fit into your jeans, to prolong your life, to sleep better, and to have more energy. Maybe it’s to keep up with your kids or to lose some weight to reduce the risk of certain diseases. There are so many great fitness health benefits,  but it helps to define, and remind yourself, exactly why working out is important to you.


  1. Don’t Force it — Motivating yourself to do something you plain don’t like can be very difficult! And that shouldn’t be the case. If you don’t like running, don’t do it! Working out should be an enjoyable part of your fitness journey, not a daily struggle. And when you enjoy it, exercise can also provide a wealth of mental health benefits, too. So stop forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do — and instead find something you want and like to do. There are endless ways to work out and get fit, so be adventurous and try new things until you find what works for you.



The fitness health benefits of working out are vast, but that doesn’t always mean it’s easy. So when you just don’t feel like working out, consider these tips and give yourself a break if needed, but stay committed to your goals and yourself! Remember, the experts at the Village can help members create a realistic plan to help them achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.



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MYZONE is a technology that uses the cloud to monitor one’s physical activity. The Village Health Clubs and Spas incorporates the MYZONE system for members to utilize during their workouts and outside the gym as well. But it offers more than simply tracking one’s physical activity. The MYZONE program is also a great way to interact with other workout enthusiasts and add a social element to your fitness goals.

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The ABCs of Boot Camp

As fitness trends have developed over the years, one that has gained popularity and continues to give participants great results is boot camp. As the name suggests, these workouts have been modeled after military-style fitness regimes that include an intense mix of strength training and aerobics that build strength, flexibility, and endurance sans the shaved head and loud drill sergeant. However, boot camps certainly put participants to the test and push them to achieve their very best results. If you’re considering giving a boot camp class a try, come prepared to give 100 percent!

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Back to Class – Group Fitness Class!

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Get S.M.A.R.T. About Your New Year’s Resolutions

November and December – the months devoted to eating, drinking, and merriment making – often to excess. Followed by January, the month of New Year’s resolutions, and the reality of tootight clothes as those decadent holiday meals and treats make their presence known. While nearly half of Americans who usually make New Year’s resolutions (with the number one resolution to lose weight), close to half of those give up on their resolutions after six months with only 8% of them reporting success in achieving their resolutions. Why is it so hard to stick to a plan?

Willpower aside, having S.M.A.R.T. fitness goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Rewarding, and Time-Driven – will help you get your physique and fitness on track and move your resolution to results. Grab a friend and double your chances of achieving your goals. Read on for a SMART fitness strategy to see success with your 2017 New Year’s resolutions.

1. Be Specific

Beyond the vague statement of “losing weight,” what else do you want to achieve in the coming year? Shave seconds off your running time? Add mileage to your daily ride? Practice more yoga? Whatever your resolution, getting clear and specific about what it is you wish to accomplish is the place to begin. For instance, your goal might be to take 1 fitness class a week, do 30 crunches a day, add an extra five miles to your bike ride, hit 15 more tennis balls at practice, or bench an additional 20 pounds. Refer to your list often, keep a logbook of progress, hit that goal – and feel successful! Reinforcing that feeling of accomplishment will keep you coming back for more.

2. Make it Measurable

Losing weight is a pretty common goal this time of year. Get closer to success by making the goal measurable. For example, you want to lose that all of that extra holiday cheer in six weeks, but have you given any thought as to how? Your list of New Year’s resolutions should also include strategies to help you achieve them. For instance: 

Lose 10 Pounds by February 15

  • Kick the daily pumpkin spiced latte, replace with a green smoothie
  • Bring healthy, homemade lunches to work 4 days a week
  • Get to the Village for yoga three times a week

3. Achievable

Ok, right now you want to lose 50 pounds, have 6-pack abs, or buns of steel. These are all wonderful by-products of a healthy fitness lifestyle – but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Even the most devoted fitness fanatics know that in order to make a gym routine stick, you have to ease into it and with consistency it becomes a habit. Focus on taking small steps that ultimately help you reach your greater goal. Setting a goal to get to the gym two times a week might not feel like a goal that will net you your desired result, but it will seem less daunting and more achievable than trying to get to the gym eight times a week. Making goals that you can more easily achieve reinforces your positive feedback mechanism and keeps you coming back for more!

4. Realistic & Rewarding

If you’ve never trotted further than to catch the bus, don’t resolve to run a marathon by Valentine’s Day. Start slowly and allow your body to adjust to these wonderful new changes. Try running ¼ or ½ mile, or even 2-3 minutes at a time. When you can run that distance or time with ease, increase your distance, time or  speed incrementally and keep track of your progress. Reward yourself with some cool fitness-tracking technology, new attire or a wearable device. It won’t be long before your endurance shows up – then it’s off to the races.

5. Time-Driven

Expecting specific, and measurable, results within an ambiguous timeframe is a recipe for failure. Break your year into quarters then check in on your bottom line of achievements every three months. Keep yourself accountable to your goals with a timeframe and strategy for reaching them. This approach helps you see your progress, as well as what’s working and what’s not. If you miss a deadline that you’ve set for yourself, don’t fret! Setbacks happen – but what matters is getting back up and trying again.

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, a steady gym habit may lose its appeal after a while, so frame your fitness goals as a pathway to lifelong health and happiness. No goal is too small! Every step you take toward improving your health and fitness moves you along the pathway to a better you. You can get a jump start on your New Year’s resolutions at the Village – we’re here to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals! Stop by for a free VIP Trial Membership and meet with a personal trainer to see how you can take steps towards a healthier you.

All of us at Village Clubs wish you a Happy New Year and great success in your health and fitness resolutions!