The Benefits of Barre

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Barre classes are all the rage right now and for good reason. These classes are inspired by techniques in ballet, Pilates, dance, yoga and functional technique. Some moves are done at the bar, some on the mat and some use mini balls, resistance bands or small hand weights to maximize results. With fun music and inspiring group class leaders, barre classes can sculpt, define, and lengthen the body. Each Village Health Club & Spa location offers its own take on barre classes. Try them all and find your favorite!   Read more

Back to Class – Group Fitness Class!

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Come August, summer unofficially comes to a close in the Valley of the Sun. Residents are back in town from vacation, and schools are back in session. When it comes to fitness goals and routines, back-to-school time is an ideal time to get back into a routine. Attending group fitness classes for accountability and motivation is a great way to commit to a routine. Read on for the top five benefits of choosing group fitness classes to ramp up your back-to-school routine.

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Have You Ever Tried Taking A Barre Class?

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It is a common misconception that you have to be a ballet dancer to do barre work.  But the reality is that there is absolutely no dance experience required.  It is true that barre is used extensively in ballet training and warm up exercises but barre work is an excellent workout in and of itself. It can help improve flexibility and strength in individuals looking for an alternative workout. Most people are surprised to find out that barre is much more of a workout than it appears.  Here are the top 10 benefits of taking a barre class:

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Fun, Friendship & Community – Running Together is Better

By Abby Luedecke, Triathlon Coordinator at the Village DC Ranch

Running, for the most part, is a solo sport. Many of us run to clear the mind, relieve stress, and give us time for self-reflection. Who couldn’t use some “alone time” every day? However, after 15 years of running, I’ve come to realize the invaluable benefits of running with a group. It doesn’t have to be a big group, yours could be as few as two, but here are five good reasons why you should buddy up for your next run. Read more

Hard Core – Pilates Gets Manly


If you walk into any Pilates class at any gym or health club, more likely than not the class will be dominated by women. While this trend has existed ever since Pilates started to become a popular exercise, men are quickly catching on to it’s benefits – including some of the world’s top athletes like LeBron James, Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant. It’s not just a couple of high-profile players, but entire professional sports teams from the NFL, NHL and the NBA are also getting in on the action.

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Suspension training — Up on the Roof!


Thanks to money made from the sale of some old spin bikes, Camelback Village Group Fitness Director Linda Hertzberg was able to have a steel beam structure and awning installed on the roof deck overlooking the tennis courts.

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Gainey Village Instructor of the Week: Jesica Drago


The Gainey Village Instructor of the Week is Jesica Drago, this week you can bring any guest with you for free to any of Jesica’s classes. Below you will learn a little bit about Jesica.

  • What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Jumped into a river from a 60ft cliff.
  • Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla? Both.
  • What’s your favorite vacation spot? Montana.
  • Who is your favorite musical artist and do you play much of their music in your classes? Anything from country to pop…right now, I’ve been jamming out to Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke and Cruise feat Nelly.
  • How many places have you lived in your life? Three states, Montana, California, and Arizona. Moved to Arizona right after college in 2002.
  • What is your favorite animal? Do you have pets at home? No pets, two toddlers are enough!
  • Other than the current classes that you teach, what is another class you would love to add to your portfolio of classes? I would like to get into Pilates but for now bootcamps, muscle, TBC, cycle, barre and Tabata keep me busy.
  • Seafood, meat, or vegan? Meat.
  • Favorite restaurant in the Valley? Grimaldi’s pizza I might be a little biased my husband works for them.
  • Favorite movie ? Depends if I’m watching alone, with kids or with my hubby. Watching alone I like girly comedies, with my hubby suspenseful and my kiddos can’t watch enough Barney.
  • What does your ideal day consist of? My ideal day would be sleeping in with no plans for the day!