8 Exercises to Improve Your Tennis Game and Reduce the Risk of Injury

Tennis players, from amateur to professional and everything in-between, don’t spend all of their time on the court. For tennis players that want to improve their game, strengthening and training the body on and off the court is critical.Off court strengthening and conditioning doesn’t just improve your tennis game, it help prevent those pesky injuries. Performance increase and injury prevention is a win-win! Here are eight exercises that can easily be incorporated into any tennis player’s regular workout routine.

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5 Steps to Winning Your Next Tennis Match

By: Marissa Johnson

One of the keys to being a successful athlete is knowing what it takes to win. On the flipside, it’s also key to know why you lost. Whether your opponent was just having a killer game, you got frustrated with your equipment, or even that you weren’t physically feeling your best, they all point to a lack of focus.  Whatever the reason, or excuse might be, there are still ways to overcome the loss and take the win in your next match. If you can stay true to these five steps, you will increase your odds of having amazing experience in your next match, no matter who your opponent is or their skill level.  Read more

Fall in Love with Tennis

It’s fall competition time in the tennis world! Tennis leagues are in full swing and matches mean more – not just for you, but also for the rest of the team. That’s a lot of pressure, right? Don’t worry, with a few of the following tennis tips, you can be at the top of your tennis game faster than you can say “love.”

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Taking a Swing at Tennis

Get Into the Swing of Tennis

Watching Serena Williams or Roger Federer competing is a thing of beauty – an athleticism born of desire, and of course, practice.  It’s mesmerizing – two opponents swatting a tennis ball back and forth, forcing the other to cover every inch of court, while landing their shots with sharpshooter precision. Read more

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The Ideal Tennis Player’s Diet

The diet of a tennis player is a lot different to that of the average person’s regular diet. This is due to the nutritional requirements of the human body as it is pushed through the rigorous training schedule that is involved in tennis. With the advances in science and knowledge surrounding food and its benefits, players and coaches are striving to be at the forefront of nutrition in order to gain any advantage they can.

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6 Tennis Tips for Returning the Serve


A ball is about to fly at you at up to 163 miles per hour – what’s your move? Ocotillo Village Tennis Director Josh Bates shares his six tips for returning the serve:

  1. Pick your spot: Tell the server where you want them to serve. If you have a better forehand… Leave 60% more space in that side of the box. Give the server a box that looks open to the side you want to return from. Be aware of the wide serves. If your opponent can hit it there, close it off by moving in.
  2. Stance: You must get low, what you think is low… go another 2 inches down. Slightly turned, angle yourself to the server. Be on the toes with the shoulders leaning forward.


  3. Scout the serve: If you watch the left shoulder (right handed player) at the point where they let go of the toss. Wherever the shoulder is pointing to when the ball is tossed, is where the ball will be served. This allows you to cheat a bit and set up for either a backhand or a fore hand. Also watch the patterns. Most players only have two spots that they can serve to.
  4. Grip: The ideal grip is neutral and loose. If you have it in a backhand grip, it will take you that much longer to get it to the fore hand.
  5. Backswing: Shorten the backswing when the serve is powerful. If the serve is weak, swing away. Power – short backswing, turn the body, and push through the ball using the pace of the serve. Weak – Move in, racquet back, lift the legs up and through the ball as if it were an approach shot.
  6. Follow Through: It’s not just the arms, make sure the opposite leg follows forward. Stay on the toes, and either go in to the net or retreat to the center hash mark.


Remember, the server is supposed to win their serve. If you can be aggressive on the return they will break down mentally. It also gives you the cushion you want to have to serve away when you are up a “break.” 

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Top 10 Reasons to Play Tennis

Of all the activities to try, why should you play tennis? It’s more than a great way to stay active. the folks at the tennis Industry Association share the top 10 reasons why you should start (or keep) playing tennis.


  1. A longer life Scientists and doctors around the world point to tennis as one of the healthiest activities taht you can participate in because it delivers overall physical, mentala nd emotional gains. It will add years to your life.
  2. A happier life Tennis engages your mind and body at the same time, unlike a traditional workout at the gym. Because tennis players are more confident, healthier, less stressed, and more socially interactive, they’re just plain happier.
    10 Reasons why You Should Start Playing Tennis
  3. It’s social On court and off, you’re guaranteed to make friends through tennis. Tennis encourages interaction, communication, and is just fun. Plus, it’s graet for making business connections too.
  4. The whole family can participate No matter the age, gender, ethnicity, ability level or fitness level, tennis is perfect for families to play together. Few other sports can offer the opportunities for families that tennis can.
  5. Tennis teaches life lessons Particpants, particularly youngsters, develop a work ethic, learn sportsmanship, accept responsibility, manage mistakes, enhance discipline, learn to compete, cope with pressure and adversity, develop healthy habits, learn teamwork and more. 
    10 Reasons why You Should Start Playing Tennis
  6. Tennis is anything you want it to be Looking for a competition, social play, team camraderie, a good workout, time with family or friends, tournaments and national championships? Tennis has all of that and more. The sport can be anything you want or need it to be.
  7. It’s fun At every level of the game and at every age, from 10 and under tennis through the most super-senior leagues, players have fun while getting a great workout.
    10 Reasons why You Should Start Playing Tennis
  8. It develops your mind Tennis requires alertness, tactical thinking and problem solving, and evidence suggests it may generate new connections between nerges, promoting a lifetime of continued brain development.
  9. Fitness The constant movement ad action in tennis will burn calories, build muscle, increase bone strength, improve flexibility, fine-tune coordination and enhance overall health and fitness.
  10. It’s a sport your can play your whole life There’s no other sport you can play throughout your life, from the earliest ages to your altest years – that gives you the physicalm mental, emotional and social benefits that tennis gives you.

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