Why Aerial Yoga Should be on Every Fitness Fan’s Bucket List 



For fitness fanatics, there is no shortage of workout trends to try. From HIIT to crossfit, and kickboxing to Zumba, the world of exercise is filled with endless variety! Even within specific niche workouts such as yoga, there are a variety of choices that suit all ages and fitness levels – Bikram, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga and Restorative – just to name a few. In the yoga world, one style that has gained popularity is Aerial Yoga, which offers many of the same benefits as other yoga styles… and also some additional benefits.

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Benefits of Yoga Nidra with Sound Healing

Yoga Nidra, also known as ‘yogic sleep’, is becoming widely popular due to the Kim-1.jpgsignificant benefits thatstressed individuals are experiencing through it. Yogic sleep is a guided form of meditation that takes you to a point just above sleep, and anyone can do it. It takes you to a point where your body can experience true relaxation. In this day in age, most individuals never get out of fight-or-flight mode, activating the heightened stress response in the body. Between working, raising a family, the stresses of everyday life, and trying to work on yourself, everything is stressing us out on a cellular level- all the time!

Get in the Swing of Things with Aerial Yoga

I had the opportunity to take my first aerial yoga class more than two years ago and immediately I loved how the practice resonated with me. I laughed like a child, felt a different intensity in stretches, and didn’t want to move out of my yoga “cocoon” after Savasana. I wanted, and craved more, and am now so excited we offer aerial yoga classes at the Village Gainey and DC Ranch locations. Read more

Benefits of Yoga for Athletes

It’s no secret that yoga is a healthy and beneficial endeavor. Yoga for athletes adds a new dimension of muscular movement and body awareness – and that’s just the beginning. Read more