Camelback Trainer of the Week: Naci

Naci Melzer Naci graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology. She moved from Minnesota to Phoenix and started training at the Village in 1998.

3 Tips To Save Your Feet

Something I have learned from my podiatrist…. As an instructor, I am bouncing around and pounding on my feet regularly, my poor feet have had stress fractures and other problems. My podiatrist gave me a few tips to help my feet stay healthy.

Finding My Inner Yogi

I’ve been around the block a time or two. In the fitness world, that is. I’ve spun, stepped, pumped, crunched, boxed. You name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve always thrown in a yoga class here and there, but it never really made an impact on me. Until September 11th, 2006 that is.

Teaching Health & Fitness to Kids Through Fun and Inspiring Camps

In the age of technology children are becoming more and more addicted to video games, handheld devices, and the internet and budget cuts in our school systems aren’t helping. Physical Education and even Recess is being removed and/or limited in schools around the Valley.

Protein. Protein? Protein!

People come to the café continually and ask about food and nutrition. They often ask me about weight maintenance and protein consumption. I’m not a nutritionist, but it is surprising how many people overlook both the commonsense answers, and the basic science of how our bodies use food.

Rooftop Open Air Studio is a Huge Hit

Camelback Village is very excited to offer a beautiful rooftop open air studio that allows classes to work out within sight of the most beautiful view in Phoenix and is truly and incredible experience to offer at the Camelback Village Racquet and Health Club. The Open air studio includes a ventilated awning cover.

Father of the Year Photo Contest

Do you know a dad that is Father of the Year material? We are looking for all fantastic fathers. Submit a photo that exemplifies a Father doing what he does best, being dad. Hurry we will be choosing a winner June 17th! Winner will receive a FREE pair of Thump Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.

Gainey Instructor of the Week Lori

10 Thing You Did Not Know About Lori What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Got offered (and accepted) a Wild Card entry into a professional tennis tournament. I didn’t make it into the main draw but it was a crazy experience! Do you prefer salty or sweet? Definitely sweets.