Village Healthy Living Tip – Yoga for Depression

Yoga is as good as medication for depression: Numerous studies show that regular yoga practice has a similar or better effect on mood elevation than SSRI drugs. Some great posture suggestions include Child Pose, Forward Bend, Modified Shoulder Stand (legs up against a wall), Cat/Cow Stretch, Gentle Back Bending or Bridge Poses, and Sitting or […]

Village Healthy Living Tip – Don’t Over Do It

Be careful that you are not over-exercising. There is a fine line between working out too much and working out too little. If you are exercising excessively, your body goes into starvation mode and holds on to everything you put in your body. The body fears it will not have enough energy to maintain the […]

Spring Recipes from the Gainey Cooking Class… Yum!

Paul Apana satisfied our taste buds Tuesday evening when he taught Gainey Villages special pool side cooking class how to make these yummy spring recipes:   Fish Tacos 2 OZ. SAUTEED WHITE FISH (TILAPIA / COD / HALIBUT) FLOUR TORTILLAS 1 TBSP OIL ½ TBSP BLACKENING SPICE 2 TBSP SHREDDED LETTUCE 2 TBSP SALSA 1 […]

Personal Trainer Kevin Olson on TheList

Our very own Kevin Olson was on a TV Show segment representing the Village on The List. Kevin explains that there’s a right and wrong way to do pretty much any workout. “If you’re working out the wrong way, moving the wrong way, certain muscles will get overworked that aren’t supposed to work that way. […]