Restart Your Workout Routine

We all know that having a commitment to fitness is a healthy way to live. I became connected to fitness at a very young age – on the playground, when I would race my classmates. Being fast and strong just made me feel good. Today, I’ve made health and wellness my career and it’s still […]

Summer Workout Fashion Trends

When hitting the gym or the great outdoors for a good sweat session, it’s important to dress for the occasion. Comfort and functionality should be of the utmost importance when selecting great workout clothes. The good news is there are so many brands out there that offer these qualities, while also offering fitness gurus a […]

Tips to Help Your Kids Eat Healthier

How can you help your kids eat healthier? A large part of healthy kid nutrition is related to adequate levels of physical activity   Kids who are active do a better job making healthier food choices when compared to non-active or less-active kids. This is the same phenomenon observed in adults – active adults tend […]

Your Summertime Reboot: The Healthy Way

We’ve all had to adjust to our new routines lately, while still challenging ourselves to exercise regularly and eat healthy. With summertime right around the corner, many feel the desire to reset and detox going into the new season. Read on to learn some healthy tips!    

Chilled Snacks To Stay Fit 

Rising temperatures can only mean one thing, summertime is coming! With increased heat advisories paired with a disruption in our normal routines, it is especially important that we make sure to reach for healthy, chilled snacks.

Nutritious Frozen Treats

With warm weather approaching it’s time for more relaxed schedules and family fun. These often lead to treating yourself and your family to a special sweet treat every now and then! Especially in the warm weather, we tend to crave something cold and creamy. But the next time the heat makes you want to reach […]

Winning With Water Workouts At Home

What if you could have an intense workout that included cardio intervals, muscle strength, and mobility plus meditation and mindful movement all in one place? Look no further than with a water workout in your own pool. Did you know that water reduces gravity’s impact on the body by 90 percent and that the buoyancy/hydrostatic […]

Why it’s Important to Warm Up Before Working Out

We breakdown why a warm up and cool down are the most important 10 minutes of your workout. Read on for the most beneficial warm up stretches and cool down exercises to make your workout more effective. Why Should I Warm Up & Cool Down? Warming up isn’t just for the physical body, it also […]

How to Maximize Your Workout Time at Home

The lyrics from the popular 1965 song “What the World Needs Now is Love” with lyrics by Hal David still ring true today. Maybe the world does need more love; but in the fitness community what we really need is time, sweet time. Luckily, time is more available now that we’re all exercising at home. […]

How Pilates Can Ease Back Pain

By Jodi Melton For those that are experiencing back pain and are looking for a natural solution, there are proven results for relief from back pain using Pilates method work. Simply put, your core muscles (located in your lower back and abdomen) need to be strong in order to support your spine and take the […]