The Importance of Clean Beauty Products

By Remi Martin, Hair Stylist at The Village We do our best to create healthy habits most of the time; to eat clean and put things in and on our bodies that are good for us and make us feel our best. “Superfoods” have gone viral. And in 2020, we have the opportunity, and the […]

10 Exercises to Spice Up Your Leg Routine

By Meggan Marks, Personal Trainer Whether you are new to lifting or not, it’s always good to add variety to your routine. Below are 10 leg exercises that will help spice up your routine:   Forward Lunge with Kettlebell Pass Muscles Involved: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes, and Calves Equipment: Kettlebell Frequency: 3 sets and 8-10 reps […]

Your New Year’s Reboot: The Healthy Way

Often times, a new year brings a desire to detox from all our holiday indulgences and drop some unwanted pounds. But we all know that lofty New Year’s resolutions rarely adhere to the long term. So, what’s the key to starting the year off on a healthy foot in 2020? Read on to learn some […]

The Benefits of Jade Rolling

By Julie Bloom, Ocotillo Village Aesthetician After our rooftop event for the Spa at Ocotillo Village, I was inspired to offer more knowledge on jade rolling. I had so many inquisitive guests asking, “what does jade rolling do?” Jade rolling has many benefits for skin health! Continue reading to find out just how amazing jade rollers can be […]

5 Explosive Moves To Improve Your Fitness

By DuMaine Corbin When you’re exercising on a regular basis, it’s important to assess what goals you are looking to achieve. Asking yourself a few questions can help you determine exactly what you are hoping to accomplish each day at the gym. Questions such as, what is your fitness goal? Are you looking to build […]

Stay Fit Around Thanksgiving

By Naci Melzer, Camelback Personal Trainer Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, food, and drinks… and more food! With all the holiday fun, it can be challenging to continue your healthy routine. If you are determined to stay on track with your fitness goals despite the holiday, then keep these tips in mind:   Prepare the days […]

Healthy Holiday Treats

By Jamie Miller, Camelback Village’s registered dietitian ‘Tis the season for pumpkin-spiced goodies, peppermint-flavored desserts, and so many more holiday sweet treats. While an occasional dessert can be a part of a balanced lifestyle, enjoying these indulgent items all holiday season long can leave us not feeling our best come the new year. So how […]

7 Trending Hairstyles That Are Post Workout Approved

By Molly Cerreta Smith When you’re at the Village Health Clubs and Spasgetting your workout in, you may think to yourself “gym hair, don’t care,” but once the workout is done and start your day, you’ll want a trendy style to show off. Here, we check out the latest trends in hairstyles — and easy […]

The Social Benefits of MYZONE

MYZONE is a technology that uses the cloud to monitor one’s physical activity. The Village Health Clubs and Spas incorporates the MYZONE system for members to utilize during their workouts and outside the gym as well. But it offers more than simply tracking one’s physical activity. The MYZONE program is also a great way to […]