The Importance of Heart Rate Training

“Intensity training” became popular in the early to mid-1980s, but prior to that personal heart monitor products hit the market in the early 1980s. Heart rate monitors were some of the first fitness wearables. Then they were primarily used by elite athletes, but these days fitness wearables are very common. If you own an Apple […]

Kettlebells:  A Fantastic Tool For Strength and Conditioning

  Kettlebells have reemerged over the last decade right along with the functional training craze that has been changing how people workout. Kettlebells offer a different stimulus than other free weights, such as the typical dumbbells and barbells, most exercise enthusiasts are accustomed to. Kettlebells can be used in much the same way as a […]

Healthy Frozen Treats

Summer equates to a time of more relaxed schedules, vacation getaways, and fun. These often lead to  treating yourself and your family to a special sweet treat every now and then! Especially in the warm weather, we tend crave something cold and creamy. But the next time the summer heat makes you want to reach […]

Top Ten Myths about CBD

CBD, or it’s formal name Cannabidiol, has attracted a lot of attention lately — both good and bad. Educating the public on its benefits, safety, and therapeutic uses allows individuals to feel more empowered and become better informed about CBD and how it can be used. Here, we debunk the 10 common myths of CBD […]

Winning with Water Workouts

What if you could have an intense workout that included cardio intervals, muscle strength, and mobility plus meditation and mindful movement all in one place? Look no further than with a water workout at The Village Health Clubs and Spas.

How Pilates Can Help with Your Everyday Alignment

Although our bodies are a true marvel of evolution, there are many moving variables and sometimes the systems within our bodies can get out of control. When we see our image in pictures or a mirror, we often want to improve something. It could be the shoulders that hinge forward, a neck that disappeared inside […]

Power Up with Protein

Fitness enthusiasts and people wanting to make a lifestyle change have no doubt heard a lot about protein lately. And for good reason. Protein is a key component in any diet. There are three macronutrients — protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Are all used by our bodies in unique, beneficial ways, but to help you get […]

Kinesis – The Workout Your Body Will Thank You For

By now, everyone from novice exercisers to full-blown fitness fanatics has heard about Kinesis. But if you have yet to incorporate it into your workout routine, you are missing out! Kinesis can shave time off your workout while ramping up the results — what more could you ask for?

Importance of Foam Rolling

Could you be missing out on the importance of foam rolling? Foam rollers are everywhere — on the gym floor, in the fitness studios, and even on TV. You probably get the fundamentals of how to use this piece of equipment, but do you know the full story on the benefits of foam rolling? Foam […]

Why Music is My Secret Weapon

My favorite moments are the ones when I’m driving with the windows down, my music blaring way too loud, and I’m belting out every word to whatever song is moving my soul at that moment. I’m exaggerating each syllable so much that the guy in the car next to me could guess what tune I’m […]