workout routine

Restart Your Workout Routine

We all know that having a commitment to fitness is a healthy way to live. I became connected to fitness at a very young age – on the playground, when I would race my classmates. Being fast and strong just made me feel good. Today, I’ve made health and wellness my career and it’s still my passion. Like many others when the pandemic hit and everything shut down, I felt lost. I’m sure you did too. I rely on exercise as not only my way to stay fit but also for emotional grounding. I’m sure many of us figured out a way to workout from home, but we missed our health clubs, classes, and the communities which connect us. When a crisis hits, we can all get a little off track. I know what it’s like to have a great workout routine and then something unexpected happens. We start to miss workouts and then we seem to be in a rut. 

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