Self Care at a Health Club

With the holidays in full swing and another year coming to a close, stress levels are a tad higher. That’s why it’s more essential than ever to make time for self-care. When people are busy and stressed, they tend to let the things that are good for them, and the things that actually relieve stress, fall by the wayside. Instead of letting self-care slide as we roll into the last month of the year, the Village Health Clubs and Spas has some tips to get your self-care on track at a health club.


Exercise — Exercise and fitness are some of the best gifts you can give yourself. Combined with proper nutrition, exercising provides the gift of great health! Regular exercise can also help you relax and “zone out” some of the hustle-bustle of every day, and relieve stress. Some people may find yoga to be a relaxing way to self-care, while others might enjoy a hardcore sweat session to destress. Find the workout you enjoy and make time for it on a regular basis. It’s also a great way to connect with your workout buddies on a social level.


Use Your Support Team — Whether you need some help working your way through the workout equipment throughout the Club, or you want a personal trainer to coach you through a workout session, there’s lots of help to be had at the Village Clubs and Spas. Make an appointment with a personal trainer who can help you figure out the most effective way to exercise to see results for your body. Or work with a nutritionist to work out a meal plan that can help you achieve your optimal health results in the kitchen.


Say Ahhhhh… — A day of total relaxation is the ultimate way to self-care at the Village! With a variety of spa services, you can personalize your me-day to include a professional massage to rejuvenate body and mind; a body wrap, scrub or mask; facial; waxing; a mani-pedi; hair salon services including professional cut and coloring; and even non-invasive cosmetic treatments for healthy and smooth skin — so you can be your best you yet inside and out! Acupuncture is even offered at The Spa at DC Ranch. This ancient practice can help release tight muscles, align chakras and calm the mind — talk about self-care! Booking a spa day with a variety of services is a relaxing and pampering way to give yourself time to build your holistic health.


Grab a Bite — Self-care is about indulging a little too. And the best part about indulging in a meal at the Village Health Clubs Café is that it’s sure to be as healthy as it is delicious. So why not call a friend for a workout session and then end the day with a glass of wine on the patio paired with a healthy sandwich, salad, wrap, or anything that sounds good to you! Cheers to self-care!


Self-care is an important part of everyday life. As this year comes to a close and you start to get overwhelmed with the holiday hustle, take a step back to slow down and schedule in some self-care time to help you rejuvenate and actually enjoy the holidays. And when you make your resolutions as we head into a bright new year, consider the goal of taking extra special care of yourself with new health aspirations for 2021. Treating your body right with proper nutrition and fitness is truly wonderful self-care.