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As cooler weather moves us inside, and the kitchen feels like the place to nurture our spirits, let’s step back and look at the

How to Get in Shape for Tennis

Getting in physical condition for tennis should be done with intentional progression. There is no such thing as “hurry up tennis” or cramming for finals.

3 Tips To Save Your Feet

Something I have learned from my podiatrist…. As an instructor, I am bouncing around and pounding on my feet regularly, my poor feet have had

Finding My Inner Yogi

I’ve been around the block a time or two. In the fitness world, that is. I’ve spun, stepped, pumped, crunched, boxed. You name it, I’ve

Fun in the Sun, Hydration is the Key!

Love to exercise outdoors even when it’s hot?

Village Healthy Living Tip – Don’t Over Do It

Be careful that you are not over-exercising. There is a fine line between working out too much and working out too little. If you are