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Why Music is My Secret Weapon

My favorite moments are the ones when I’m driving with the windows down, my music blaring way too loud, and I’m belting out every word

Do You Really Need Cycling Shoes?

The one question I get asked almost every day is, “Do I really need cycling shoes to participate in any of your indoor cycling classes

Top 5 Reasons to Give Indoor Cycling a Try

Indoor cycle “bars” are popping up all over the valley, and for good reason! The benefits of this type of interval training have great results.

The Village Health Clubs and Spas Trainer Spotlight – Vincent Ruiz

The Village Clubs and Spas is home to a variety of skilled and experienced wonderful trainers and team members. Connect with them by reading a

2 Wheels – Multiple Benefits with Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling and Spin class came on the scene over 20 years ago and its popularity is still growing.

An Introduction to Indoor Cycling

Sometimes, the hardest part of an indoor cycling class is showing up.