Valley Chefs Share Their Secrets With Gainey Village Members

Part of living an active lifestyle is knowing your way around the kitchen, and that’s why the Gainey Village offers monthly cooking classes with Chef Paul Apana from the Village Tavern and Chef Maggie Norris, the founder of Whisked Away Cooking School.

It’s hotter than heck! Beat the heat and have some fun.

Every year, the Gainey Club’s Activities Director Shelly McGann hosts an annual Hotter than Heck hike for Village members who are in town during the month of August and wish it was November.

Teaching Health & Fitness to Kids Through Fun and Inspiring Camps

In the age of technology children are becoming more and more addicted to video games, handheld devices, and the internet and budget cuts in our school systems aren’t helping. Physical Education and even Recess is being removed and/or limited in schools around the Valley.