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Healthy Party Treats for Tailgating

Man Hand Grilling Barbecue for Party

By Jamie Miller, Registered Dietitian, Village Health Clubs & Spas Fall is quickly approaching, and that means one thing — football season is here! Whether

Hydration Enhancers for Better Health

Fitness man looking to the phone for motivation before gym workout. Sporty male athlete looking his smartphone holding water bottle.

We all know that being well hydrated is good for your overall health, especially when in a warm, dry climate like Arizona. But how much

Foods to Naturally Boost Your Mood

Top down view of Dark Chocolate bark with pine nuts and cranberries

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. While millions of Americans suffer from depression, anxiety, and countless other mental disorders, there are powerful tools that we

Beauty Boosting Foods

Photo series of two female teenage vegans learning to cook while watching tutorials in internet.

Many individuals are willing to pay a high price tag for the latest serums, creams, and cosmetics all in hopes to improve our appearance. But

Tips to Help Your Kids Eat Healthier

How can you help your kids eat healthier? A large part of healthy kid nutrition is related to adequate levels of physical activity   Kids

Your Summertime Reboot: The Healthy Way

We’ve all had to adjust to our new routines lately, while still challenging ourselves to exercise regularly and eat healthy. With summertime right around the

Chilled Snacks To Stay Fit 

Rising temperatures can only mean one thing, summertime is coming! With increased heat advisories paired with a disruption in our normal routines, it is especially

Nutritious Frozen Treats

With warm weather approaching it’s time for more relaxed schedules and family fun. These often lead to treating yourself and your family to a special

Your New Year’s Reboot: The Healthy Way

2020 made from healthy food on pastel pink background, Healhty New year resolution diet and lifestyle

Often times, a new year brings a desire to detox from all our holiday indulgences and drop some unwanted pounds. But we all know that

Healthy Frozen Treats

Summer equates to a time of more relaxed schedules, vacation getaways, and fun. These often lead to  treating yourself and your family to a special