Pilates: Mat vs. Reformer

Mat and Reformer Pilates are beneficial for building strength in your core and small muscle groups. Both modalities train you to initiate from your core — otherwise known as your center or your ‘powerhouse.’ You can do the same series of exercises for Mat and reformer Pilates, to help workidifferent muscularity. Mat uses your own body… Continue reading Pilates: Mat vs. Reformer

5 Things Smart Athletes Know About Pilates

Have you ever noticed that some athletes, like Olympians for instance, seem to have a superhuman ability to maintain their edge? Of course, even top athletes really are human. Like you, they fear injury, they become frustrated with poor performance, and they get depressed by their recovery time. So, how do athletes stay in the… Continue reading 5 Things Smart Athletes Know About Pilates

Hard Core – Pilates Gets Manly

If you walk into any Pilates class at any gym or health club, more likely than not the class will be dominated by women. While this trend has existed ever since Pilates started to become a popular exercise, men are quickly catching on to it’s benefits – including some of the world’s top athletes like… Continue reading Hard Core – Pilates Gets Manly